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Fiorentina reportedly after Torres.


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Yeah i can't see him taking a pay cut. The only team i could see Torres taking a pay cut for is Athletico Madrid.


If he thinks somebody is going to pay him £170k a week or anything near it he's delusional.  It's either take a paycut or retire.   

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If nothing else would the club want the embarrassment of taking such a huge loss on him?


If that is their concern, then theyre screwed. Either CFC take a huge loss on him, or his contract expires while he plays on loan and he moves on for nothing. The only way out would be him going to one of Russia's rich owners or to the directors of Zenit, and trying to arrange some sweetheart deal to spare his blushes.


Roman should consider it a tax for being so stupid, myopic, and obsessed with scouse rejects. 


Oh wait, sorry, I forgot, Carlo wanted Torres originally, right?  :laugh2:

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Anyone who knows Russian football know whats going on with Hulk at Zenit? Are Zenit going to stick with Hulk and Witsel over their fans booing them?


If Torres is willing to accept he is finished, maybe we could offer him in exchange for Hulk and solve the problems of two clubs at once.


Then again, theyre probably paying Hulk double what Torres makes.

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He won't take a pay cut, if he ever does move on his new club will probably stump up about 60% percent of his current wages, and we'll make up the difference.


Whether that will be a lump sum or an ongoing payment, I'm not sure, but his agents will make sure he gets every penny that the club legally owe him.


He'll be a financial burden for years to come, whether he is here or not. The only question is, will the board persist with him as a football burden or cut him loose.


The former is more likely, unless Jose comes in and makes getting rid of him his first order of business.

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The thing is Torres will most likely have to take a pay cut. IF we turned to him and said you have no place in this team. You either leave or you will never play for us again, he would leave. He is too young to do what Malouda is doing.

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