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Thomson should blog off...


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He has a special dislike for Rangers for some reason.

His blogs are hate filled nonsence who are held dear by the ugly sisters from the other side of town.

Also a proven liar, makes up lies about being threatened then retracting said lies.


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Right - let's see if this works - YES!  Here's the article without the pictures.




ONCE again Rangers are the subject of an article by Alex Thomson, who appears obsessed by this club's business.

This time, however, he turns his attention on me in a most callous and disgusting manner.

Fortunately I've been the target of many bloggers many times because of the well, let's just say strident way I've gone about my work. So, if you give it out you have to take it back.

This is one of the unwritten laws of journalism but this person's blog cannot pass without comment. Incredibly, it's allowed to sit under Channel 4's name.

This man has set himself up as a paragon of integrity yet he relies on Craig Whyte as a credible source. 

Does he not know the former Rangers owner is under Crown Office investigation?

Thomson publishes the content of emails in which I make it clear to Whyte that a story about his spending plans will start with the figure of £15m for new players. It was necessary to let Whyte view the piece so that it would be difficult for him to try to deny it later.

Of course he did try just the same but he knows he said it. I know he said it and so, too, should Thomson. If he's spoken to Whyte he'll also know what this man is like.

The email was sent not because Whyte was being given editorial approval, as Thomson appears to be making out, but because I wanted Whyte to see the figure.

Also, show me a journalist who hasn't used these methods to extract further information and I'll show a hack who wasn't doing his job.

It is necessary to get close to people in football if you are to gain possession of the intelligence required to do the job properly. And that brings me on to Thomson's other point.

He claimed I asked Whyte for a job. How utterly absurd.

This blogger conveniently forgets to mention it was my work, along with that of the Daily Record's Keith Jackson, which finally exposed Whyte and brought him down.

We had been gathering information about the Ticketus deal and also Whyte's failure to hand over PAYE and NI. It was a long process and vital that the line of communication with Whyte remained open.

The fact is he asked me to come and work with him on more than one occasion. He also asked if I would advise him privately.

A game was being played out and working for Rangers at that time wasn't the goal. In fact, I kept my newspaper informed of the offers through a senior editorial executive because it was important they were on side with the operation.

I also made sure a senior person at the BBC, with whom I had a contract, also knew.

One or two trustworthy colleagues also were made aware of what was going on and we actually laughed at the very thought of me working with someone we were determined to expose.

On any other day I'd have dismissed this latest blog without comment but this is a special time for Rangers. We are a year on from administration and are putting in place a solid structure under the new regime.

Rangers have released a documentary on that crucial year on this very site and that's what we should all be concentrating on. Enjoy, and stop worrying about bloggers.

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