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All Time Fantasy Draft Game


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So, I've been meaning to set this up for a little while now. All players (including current) will be available for drafting. It appears as though there was something similar back in 2011, before I joined.


I will explain all the rules and the draft order and everything once/if I get enough people who'd be happy to play. 16 players would be ideal but I'll settle for eight if need be. So far it's just me and (presumably) erskblue. If you do decide to join make sure you frequent this site often enough so we don't have to wait up too long for picks.


Any takers?

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Thank you. Now, the way it works:


All players are eligible for drafting. For the purpose of this the players are considered at the level of their prime. You get to pick a full squad of 11 (with a keeper), plus two subs. This is an interesting rule I've decided to implement - you cannot have more than one player from the same nation, unless you use one as a sub. This is to make it more challenging and a bit fairer. The national team that the player played in applies, and if he didn't then it goes by their nation of birth. No arguing about religion or ethnicity. We'll start off with everyone getting a day to pick a player (tell me if you think that's not enough time for some), and then we'll go on from there as it hopefully speeds up. You can also send a PM if you think you'll not be on a computer for an entire day.


The draft sequence will go with the order in which you all posted here, and it'd also be appreciated if you showed a picture of the player that you picked, or background information if they come from a more obscure era.


Now for the first pick. I'll take Di Stefano. Eight Spanish league titles and five European Cups in 11 seasons, the backbone of one of the great football sides of all time in Real Madrid in the 1950s and 60s. The first real 'total footballer'.




Teritus: Di Stefano






That Boy Brandinho:



Jonty's turn.

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Ah, never mind - silly me, I completely forgot about it. Yes there'll be a snake draft, so BlueBeard has two picks at his turn and it goes from the bottom up, then I at mine and it goes down again and so on. I wouldn't be that cruel! The great advantage in having eight players is that there'll so many to choose from, with several greats sure to be left out at the end. Any more questions?

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