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Petr Cech Q&A

Charles Ryder

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some fab quotes from the big man, love the Arsenal dig! :biggrin:


Asked if he wants to see the ‘Special One’ back at Stamford Bridge, the Blues goalkeeper said: ‘We had a fantastic success with him, so why not? He is a fantastic manager.’


Chelsea fans united to sing Mourinho’s name during Saturday’s 1-0 home win against West Bromwich Albion and Cech said: ‘Of course, I understand that. Jose Mourinho did a fantastic job for the club and people loved him so he rightly deserved that. This is the  way it should be.’


‘We do it our way, the other clubs do it their way, and it seems to work so far, so long may it continue,’ said Cech, who arrived at Chelsea in 2004 and has played under eight of Abramovich’s nine managers.


‘You can argue with a lot of things but in the same period of time we won more or less the same number of trophies as Manchester United.


‘They had one manager, we had eight, and we won the same  trophies. We won the Champions League, there are so many positives.


‘Arsenal had the same manager and it is a long time since they won something. You can’t always say that is the fault of the manager or the players. Maybe if you asked them if they would rather have 10 managers and six trophies, I don’t know what they would say.’


‘We had a lot of success thanks to the honesty and open mind everyone has in the dressing room,’ said Cech. ‘Everybody should have a chance to express an opinion, and if the players are not happy in our dressing room, it is not the case that we say, “Unlucky mate, we will carry on, you pick yourself upâ€.


‘No. If someone is not happy we try to help them to be happy again and to be at the top. This is why, when we see something is going wrong, people have the right to say, “We think this is wrong, we should improve that, we need to try to find a different solutionâ€.


‘It is important for the manager to know the feedback. But there is only one boss and that is the manager.


‘It is up to him if he wants to listen to what the players say or find his own way through.’


‘On Saturday, you could see from the start we took control of the game and we created chances. The only problem was that we did not finish the game off,’ added Cech.


‘We had to produce a good game and we did it. The players enjoyed it, the fans were behind the team. Everything was positive.


‘What will happen in the next week, I don’t know. I’m really pleased after winning, without thinking what will happen in the future.’


Despite the success with a revolving-door policy on the manager’s office, Cech would like to see the next manager given more time.


‘I have been saying that for six years,’ said Cech. ‘I hope the new manager will find the momentum and he will stay.


‘I’ve been here a long time and I’ve seen so many things that I don’t get surprised any more.’




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