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Interesting rumours and conspiracies you've heard


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After discussing with a friend some non-transfer related rumours and conspiracies i thought i might start a discussion about it.

Some of the interesting ones i've heard are that Joleon Lescott was kneecapped by a midlands gangster whilst playing for Wolves after getting too friendly to his mistress and Ledley King was stabbed in the leg at a London house party (Spuds covered it up by saying it was a reoccurrence of his old injury) 


What interesting conspiracies have you heard through the grapevine?

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I heard that Roman met the FSW in a Monaco casino in November. Firm in his belief that Rafa his an utter fool he proceeded to make a bet with him, thinking he can't lose this one. There are no solid speculations on the details of the bet. Anyway, Roman went on and lost the bet and, because he is a true gent and keeps his word, two weeks later Benítez was appointed until the end of the season. Roman managed to make a slight prank tho', putting in the word interim in the job title what the FSW did not notice and it annoys the hell out of him.

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This is my favourite rumour:


Steve KEAN (Minor 2nd team coach) is connected to a number of pretty serious Glasgow criminals who had a vast amount of money which required laundering. (2-3million)

As an employee of the club KEAN was aware that ROVERS had been for sale for quite some time with very little serious interest from anyone, he knew the price and the money which would be required to purchase it. He approached his Management Company KETARO (owned by ANDERSON) and put to him a business plan for the purchase of the club, this plan would give ANDERSON unofficial control of the club and enable him to 'legally' perform the sort of transaction with existing and future players on his books that got West Ham into trouble with the TEVEZ / MASSCARNO saga. (the buying and selling of players being the only way to make money from a Premier League club)

The consortium that KEAN suggested involved himself (representing the the gangster money) being a shareholder and part owner in the little scheme, KENTRO unable to purchase a Premier League club to to league conflict rules, scouted around emerging markets (India / China / Brazil) for a company to come in as the official new 'owners' capable of satisfying the fit and proper test laid down by the league. VENKYS loved the idea as they were keen to attack the European market and expand beyond India. The cost to VENKYS for taking part in the venture was half the purchase price of 43million. (This 20 million was set aside anyway for marketing costs in breaking into the European market so net coast to VENKYS being NIL) The remainder of the cost was met by ANDERSON and a number of others in his syndicate (including KEAN) The scheme was sold to all involve as being 'win win' as the purchase price was assured of being returned to all members of the syndicate by TV money and in worst case relegation parachute payment which totaled coincidentally approx 43 million)

KEAN had one condition for his involvement, the removal of BIG SAM and his promotion to Club Manager. The removal of the established management infrastructure was essential in helping the group keep the deal secret, hence JOHN W and the rest were thanked for their services and shown the door. The recent mortgage in Aug 2011 for 43million is assured against the TV money for this year and any subsequent parachute payment from relegation whether that come this year or in the future. This money has been returned to all members of the syndicate to cover their initial stake (hence the secrecy), thus any money made from here on in by way of transfers, TV money, sale of the club being total profit to the group. The Indians are basically passengers on this train and as now they have their money back they are totally uninterested in the future of the club, for them it remains what it always has been, a marketing tool. ANDERSON is keen to continue to use the club as a feeder for his younger less established players, he makes money by legitamatly charging massively inflated agent fees for all players coming in and out, and in the event of a player making a big breakthrough gains millions for the syndicate in the sell on fee. KEAN..well he's just living the dream, he would never have made a Premier League manager as long as he lived, the best he could aspire to was being someones No 2 and that dream was 5-10years away. The new deal recently signed by KEAN is in recognition and reward from all concerned as the others have all done very well out of the deal to date (he obviously had to be rewarded as well) He is the Manager and he's going nowhere, not because he's un-sackable but because he's delivered what he said and not withstanding HE OWNS PART OF THE CLUB. (albeit via his gangster friends in Glasgow) All of his little trips to INDIA are not about him answering to the INDIANS is about him telling them what to do, when to speak and what to say, all stuff that needs to be said in person at risk of emails or phone calls being recorded. The whole thing would take a financial investigator years to uncover and is more or less impossible to trace as the paper trail all runs though VENKYS in INDIA. They have the club pretty much sawn up. The recent interest from the Middle East is of no interest to the syndicate as they only stand to gain a little over what they paid, the rewards from keeping the club are much more to them than that..If this deal ever came out..people will be going to jail..so don't expect it to anytime soon..Oh what fun to be a Rovers fan.

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