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Manchester United v Chelsea (FA Cup) 10/03/2013 KO 16:30 GMT


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Well, this evening was a disaster! Lucky that we've got an easy match next to get some confidence and form back. Oh, hang on...

United will be smarting after their elimination from the Champions League and will be baying for blood. I'll be watching from behind the sofa.

4-0 to Man U.

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I'm trying to summon up some belief, but that's proving very difficult at the moment.


I reckon we'll win 1-0 with an early Rio own goal. We'll play like dogsh*t for the most part but somehow scrape through.






























Yeah, riiiiiiight!

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Not since relegation in 88 and THAT winless run have I been so utterley convinced that Chelsea will get turned over in a match.

Yes I know it's the cup anything can happen etc....but here's my prediction.

We'll get done by a few goals. It won't be a hammering. 2-0, maybe 3. We 'll get good possession but do nothing with it and will look toothless. Probably not even testing the goalkeeper. And Hernandez will score.

Call me a doom merchant if you will. I prefer realist. This post is based on facts and form and I do hope I'm wrong, but lets be honest in any other season and with any other manager this would have the potential to be a cup classic - but who honesttly expects anything apart from a beating on Sunday?

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There is no team, set of fans, players and manager I despise more than the Scum, so regardless of how much I hate the FSW and how poorly we played today, I have to believe that we are going to win this game or at least get it to a replay at the Bridge, because I cannot f**king stand the thought of losing to these c**ts again.


We dominated Arsenal for 60 minutes of our game only a month ago, if we put in that sort of performance again we can win against a United team that will be as demoralized as our bunch after their midweek horror.


Team i'd pick:



Dave - JT - Cahil - Cole

-----Luiz - Lampard

Moses - Mata - Hazard



I expect Ramires will start though as he was left at home today, possibly on that right wing like he did against City, or he'll be holding with SFL and Luiz will play at CB with Cahill, with JT mysteriously rested again.

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As long as we don't play Torres up front we will have a chance.


Did you see how hazard, Oscar and the rest played tonight?

We are f**ked.

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FSW line up


------Turnbull (it's a cup game and Petr could do with a rest)

Azplilcueta---Cahill---Luiz---Cole (JT can't play twice in 3 days, don't be daft!)

Ramires---Mikel (Lamps - can't have him getting to 203 goals, he'll be more popular than FSW for goodness sake)

Moses---Mata---Hazard (even FSW can't think how to screw this trio up)

Torres (enough said)


Result 3 - 0 United ; now we can focus our attention on achieving 4th place; afterall Wenger's made a career out of being 4th....  

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i'll go out on a limb here.........5-2 Utd.  The way our form is at the moment we will get hammered as a result of a Utd backlash.  Rooney plays and grabs a couple along with Sweet Pea, who grabs 2 and who cares for the 5th.....let's get this season over with and put ourselves out of our misery.

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Chelsea to get beaten, have no confidence in the FSW's ability to get a result at OT

SAF despises him as much as most of us do, Man u will tear into CFC who now start matches at snail pace and speed up to

pedestrian pace sideways passing and hoofing aimless long balls destined for nowhere. little Pee & Rooney will start and

Shrek will be well up for it after the press have decided hes finished up there.

CFC are officially PANTS under the worst manager of the modern era, we will all be crying into our pints again come Sunday

Fck them all Fck them all, Buck, Gourlay, Emelano .....

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'Now we will able to focus on the league" - according to the fat controller post game if we lose.


Does replay applies if the game is even after 90? The last thing we need is another replay, one way or another let's settle it in 90. I have no confidence in the fat controller doing anything special, but some of our players are due for a big game. We can win it if Ba, Mata, Hazard all have a great time.

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Even with Hazard, Oscar, Lamps and our Bulldog captain JT we lost to a team yesterday that we would have humiliated in the past. We are f**kED come this sunday against Manure.


There is no chance, no hope, no morale, no confidence and NO MANAGER! Anyone who even tries to think we can beat them must be high on happy pills. Actually, I hope we lose to these white trash c**ts so we can focus on a top 4 finish(which I also think is gonna slip through our fingers and this time there is no Drogba and no Uefa final)


Face it guys, Roman f**ked us by letting THE Mateo go and then he analy raped us by hiring RAFA c**tFACE Benitez. Thanks Roman, thanks Rafa, thanks for the worst season ever!


Moving on...

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its a 4 1 man utd for me as well im afraid......watching manx play their fast forward tough play to our sometimes skillfull scared to tackle side and back pass play, that we do too often, will incur big damage...(but) who knows in footy. chelsea might just pop up n say , hey, we were just pretending to be rubbish, and eek out a draw..get em back to SB and win....roll on4oc sunday.

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Dave - Cahill - Terry - Cole


-------Ramires - Lampard


Moses -------Mata -----Hazard





It's really going to depend how both teams react following midweek loses. 


Rafa really needs to change things before the 80th minute in this game if it isn't going our way. Always seems to be in the bigger games that he is most reluctant to make changes. 

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Wonder if Utd feel they can afford to rest Van Persie for this one?


If they do, I think we can rest Torres.


Whoever plays, I still predict a defeat and a depressing Sunday and as it's Mother's Day I might let the Mrs have control of the TV and avoid the abject misery.

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