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Makelele. Just a human.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Makelele will stop shining one day.... Obviously. So we have some business to discuss. Who will substitute him?

I can three ways of substiting Makelele:

1) Another great player will "arrives in helicopter". That`s easy. Our top management has had a great expirience here. The only important thing here for Chelsea is would it be Mourinho promotion or not?

2) The other way is to involve young domestic player and make direct substitute. Our case it will be Diarra. Tactically it`s a perfect way and it looks very good.But we can see a problem, I mean Diarra doesn`t gets enough practice time instead of Kalou and Mikel. So right now we can`t confidently say: "It will be so."




3) Third way is like a second, including involvment of our young player, but not direct substitute. This way I think is more realistic mentioning our situation. Makelele will be replaced be Essien or Mikel(??). But here we can speak about wasting player`s abilities:







Essien`s best in not there. No matter playing 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.




Unrealistic and very dangerous way of playing. Not Mikel`s position either. We can sort it out.

I think Diarra is really lacking practise. In near future he will play cup matches against lower division clubs or come on subst on 70-85 min. It is a difficult way for him to make a breakthrough.

My choise is first or third with Essien. Both are unlikely for me........

Do you see any other?

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For me it's Essien or Diarra. Mikel isn't really a defensive midfielder even though he has played quite well there. It would be a waste of talent to continue playing him there. It's like letting Essien play as a central defender icon_rolleyes.gif

Diarra has really shown that he can become the next Makelele but we have to remember that he's played against lesser teams. Would he be as good against ManU, Arsenal or Pool?

Essien - the man who can play anywhere on the pitch - is my number one after Makelele. He's played there and been great (as usual). He can also join in on the offense and set up (or score) goals.

So for me Makelele is number one until he fades and/or retire.

Then Essien can step up.

When Diarra has got a bit more experience from big games then we can start using him.

So in the future three-man midfield we can see



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