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Happy Birthday Chelsea FC!


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Amen to that Davey!

Not to mention our championship trophies (old division 2).

Oh yeah, that's right, football doesn't exist outside of the Premiership does it? (not a dig at you Jezz, loving

the picture mate).

Anyway, wonder if we'll have a special badge for the 125th anniversary, I really like what Aresnal and Celtic

did for their badges, to celebrate theirs.

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Here's where I slip into miserable old git mode again. How can it be a happy birthday with the Fat Spanish Conman mismanaging the show?


Here's looking forward to the club's 109th birthday.



When did you slip out of it, Tommy?   :rofl:


Oops and yes, Happy Birthday Chelsea! 



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I'm glad you joined in on this thread, its great that we have someone here who was there on that great day when we were formed.........



LOL, my false teeth fell out when I read that!

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