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Spanish clubs' tax debts - nearly £700m


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Interesting article saying some clubs are on the verge of extinction due to unpaid taxes. An MEP wants to know why they are making exceptions of the clubs rather than chasing them for unpaid taxes, while asking for a 40m euro bailout from the EU. Could get very ugly.

A start to try and tackle this crisis would be to create a fairer system to distribute TV money more evenly, rather than allow the big two to cream off the bulk of it to the huge detriment of the rest of the clubs.

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The sad thing is that this is in large part the fault of Real Madrid and Barca for taking all their advertisement revenue.

Yep, its all down to the incredibly unbalanced tv deals in Spanish football, yet its something the likes of Blatter and Platini never mention.

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A very interesting article, thanks for sharing. Makes for sobering reading.


Its especially grating when you put in context of the Bale transfer. A transfer that is all about Real Madrid's vanity. All about this idiot controlling the media message that they are still important and relevant, lest Barca steamroll them again.




Since 2000, under Perez's stewardship, Madrid have spent over 800 million Euros. The Bale deal will take them over 900 million spent in the roughly 10 years Florentino has been in charge. Five league titles, two of which were won under a different president, a champions league won in 2002, and a copa del ray title. And a whole lot of headlines. The best move he ever made was to hire Mourinho and he even managed to undo that.


Its shocking that this club has elected leadership, and yet this asshole runs opposed almost every time the presidency is up for grabs. Spain is hurting economically, with mass unemployment. La Liga is clearly on the brink of financial catastrophe. Thank god politicians are starting to point out this pathetic state of affairs is being indulged by the Spanish authorities. 


if they dont redress the injustice of the TV deals, the LFP should set up a revenue sharing fund and force Madrid/Barca to pay into it, for the purposes of keeping these other clubs afloat. If Madrid are willing to burn 93 million euros on a player they dont even need, that would be a good amount to start with.

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