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Doobs back in the Premiership?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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He gave evidence against Bowyer and Woodgate in the court case when they were charged with racially aggravated GBH. OK that is obviously the right thing to do but in a 'community' like a football team I bet it is far more common to rally round your team mates and pretend you saw nothing.

He ran a big risk of being ostracised by the team but he was prepared to do it in order to do what he thought was right.

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Although to clarify I should probably add that Doobs did tell porkies at first to protect Woodgate but the changed his story and told the truth. It came out that the solicitor appointed by Leeds Utd advised Doobs to stick to his original untrue account of the events and Doobs refused to. (apparently the lawyer still wanted him to stick to his fib even when CCTV evidence proved he was fibbing)

So Doobs wasn't squeaky clean by any means but at least he put things right in the end.

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Dont forget that both Boyer and Woodgate where very close to the fans hearts as well... it didnt matter if they where responsible for 3rd world poverty and doobs had put and end to that at there expecene he was always going to come out the bad guy!!

That aside, he was a great player for us in the grand scheame of things... sure he was no JT or billy G but the fact is he was in that team at that time he was immence, well for me any way. Added to this he played the cup winners cup final with a facel desies that restricted the entire movement of his face cant remmeber what its called now but apparently it lasted months and i dont imagine it was the most comfortoble thing in the world.

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I had forgotten that little fact about Doobs in the ECWC - it wsa an abcess he had which 'cleared up' just before the game - I say 'cleared up' because it really means it had healed enough for him to play but it must have still been pretty damn painful.

Having said that you would like to think that 90% of players would be prepared to play through that pain barrier in a European Cup Final.

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