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Ruben Loftus-Cheek

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He's a different type of player than Boga and rather in the shadow of Baker, who is really impressing lately. He looked really promising last season but caught a nasty injury that kept him out for 5 months and has lost his way a bit since. He isn't playing bad, but also not really well.

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I watch quite a lot of U21 football and I don't rate him that highly. He missplaces way to many passes and doesn't do anything special. And often he is substituted rather early. The players with real potential are Feruz, Baker, Boga and maybe Kiwomya. I don't think any of the other players has a chance to break into the first team.

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I was looking for info about him, and I read he's on 1.7m a year already?


Must be pretty highly rated.


Actually that 1.7 mn is more of some one-time payment. That is not his annual salary. Ryan Bertrand, a fairly regular member of our first team is on 1.75 million. No way RLC will be paid similar amounts.

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Messi and Mata are very one footed as well and they are worldclass players...



Yes but Boga is not going to be no Messi. Look i like Boga alot just sometimes he looks predictable that's why he played CAM in the 2nd leg because in the first leg against Norwich they knew he wanted to come inside onto his right foot and he struggled.Play him as a CAM he will be much better.

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Mainly cos of Mikel being inept I'd say...in first match lotus-cheek did really well...second game he got injured early on


He's clearly not ready for the first team regardless.


As nice as it is seeing the youngsters get a run out I was left unimpressed overall (for now) and the English lads on loan are clearly a lot closer to stepping up to our first team than this lad, early days yet for him obviously.  

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