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The All Time Top Scottish Footballers


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I was undecided where to post this, as calling Scotland "International" hardly seems quite right, but at the same time, this doesn't fit under Glasgow Rangers.


This is an article from the Herald naming the 5 top Scottish footballers of all time.  I wonder if you agree with them...



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I agree with the selection of Jim Baxter, Dave Mackay, Jimmy Johnstone and Denis Law, but definitely don't agree with Dalglish - especially in 1st place!


There were a lot of top Scottish players years ago - Davie Cooper, Charlie Cooke, Graeme Souness, John Greig, Eddie McCreadie, Sandy Jardine, Derek Johnstone, Pat Nevin, Willie Henderson, Ally McCoist, Richard Gough, Ian Durrant, Alex McLeish, Andy Goram, Ronnie McKinnon, Martin Buchan, Stuart McCall, David Speedie, Colin Jackson, Willie Miller, Steve Clarke, Alan Hansen, Steve Archibald, Dave McPherson, David Hay, Ian Ferguson, Pat Stanton, Colin Stein, Tommy McLean, Willie Johnston, Mo Johnston, Tam Forsyth, Alex MacDonald, Dave Smith...the list goes on. Oh, I'd better include Danny McGrain, Tommy Gemmell and Billy Bremner or I'll be accused of bias. Me???? :biggrin:

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It's really weird how the production line of talent in Scotland just dried up. For the Scots, it must be incredibly depressing, as their seems little to be optimistic about, looking to the future.


One possible silver lining might be that Rangers' current plight might force them to put more emphasis on bringing through young local talent, rather than buying in players. tt would be great for the game in Scotland if Rangers' return to the top were to be founded on home-grown talent.

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Teritus, I mentioned Jimmy Johnstone in my opening sentence in that post. Even though he played for the scabby c*nts from Parkhead I've got to say I've always rated him extremely highly. There, I've admitted it, oh the shame of it all... :346:


sh*t, sorry, I knew I was missing something!

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