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F.A. Cup or Europa League?.


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Putting all this BB (Benitez Bollocks) to one side for a moment,in the name of science*,if for THIS SEASON only,you had to pick between either the F.A. Cup or Europa League as the trophy of choice.....which one would you pick?.


Forget the league for a sec & the fsw,it's about the trophy you would like the club to win the most this year.


And as a Chelsea supporter,it's your choice that matters most & not the interim waiter! (feck him).


What would you choose?.


















*okay,its not for science but for a bet.


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FA Cup for me Alan and for a dream come true scenario that bloke that we'll forget about for the purpose of this thread to be sacked the day before :wink:


I love the FA Cup, its always been a great competition and I'm not going to be hypocritical enough to laugh at the teams playing Thursday night European games and then get all emotional when we happen to be in it.


Stil like to win it obviously but getting past Utd and City and keeping our Cup where it belongs would be the choice for me.



on a side note...Benitez Out.

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My initial reaction was that we've never won the Europa League and we've won the FA Cup so many times recently, so I'd love to see us become the first European double winners (to be the reigning champions in both Champions League and Europa League, if only for a week or so), but then I noticed that both Liverpool and Chelsea have seven FA Cup wins and if we were to win it this year we'd overtake Liverpool on the all time winners' list with Benitez as our interim manager. 'ISTOREEE!

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Europa League because we'd then be one of only five clubs I believe it is to have won all the major European trophies (taking the Europa League as the UEFA equivalent). No British team has achieved it thus far. 


Just checked the records and its only Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Ajax who have won all the trophies so far. It would be fantastic to add our name to that list

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I'd like both but I'd be lying if I said I'd really enjoy it with the current manager. Guillt 97, Luca 98, and 00 Jose when he was here guss and Carlo all managers I enjoyed winning throphys with I liked all of them but with fsw in charge it won't be the same. I don't want he's name on a throphy with us I don't know what to feel about success this year. Sorry to bring him into the thread.

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"Crikey,I didn't see that coming" .............as the iceberg lookout on the Titanic might have mutterd.


I honestly thought that the F.A.cup would win hands down.Just go's to show what I know about football,todays game (& making bets).


For me,for this season only,I would choose the Europa League (if we were lucky enough to be able to choose),but of course,I would be still be delighted to win the F.A. cup.


I honestly thought I'd be the only one!.


Bit of an eye opener as to the reasons why other posters have made their choice & thanks for doing so.


I've learned a couple of things from this:


1.Don't make 'anything goes' bets after a liquid lunch.


2.Don't make 'anything goes' bets after a liquid lunch with an embitterd West Ham fan who just simply can't forget (or forgive) about the time I shoved his 1980's Billy Bonds replica home shirt down the front of my underpants.


Mind you,to be fair,it was only last week.


Guess it's time to front up.



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FA Cup, the commentator on Monday said that we're on a run of equally having the most successful period a club has had in the cup that has even surpassed the 20th century. If we win it this year we'll surpass that record, and we'll then be able to say for future reference (as if our team in the past few years isn't legendary enough ) that we witnessed this run. Can't get enough FA Cups to be honest.

The Europa League means shag all, it's just as poor after it's re-branding (which was a waste of money and still is by Platini).

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