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All Time Fantasy Draft - Lofty vs PloKoon


Lofty vs PloKoon  

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  1. 1. Who will win based on players in their prime, team tactics, balance and bench strength?

    • Lofty 1905
    • PloKoon13

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Right, for those of you not aware a group of about eight of us have played an all time fantasy football game for the past month or so (http://www.theshedend.com/topic/22993-all-time-fantasy-draft-game/). Once finished drafting players we decided to match our teams up against each other, and then see who would win in a hypothetical scenario. I'll now be making threads for all our games, where anyone on the forum can vote for one of the players, then after a short period of time (two or three days) the winner will go on to the next round and so forth. I hope this is all clear thus far.


Below I'll post team lineups and tactics for each of the players, Lofty 1905 and PloKoon13 in this game.








Paulo Roberto Falcao


Right, my formation is a fairly straightforward 4-2-3-1.


A standard back four with both fullbacks given license to overlap their winger if need be, Scirea performing in the manner of a sweeper to an extent, whilst Santamaria is more restrained and concerned solely with the art of defending. A stopper, if you like.


The towering, powerful Schmeichel marshals his box with an air of confidence and authority that befits his undoubted ability.


Beckenbauer, wearing the armband of course, commands the team from midfield, tracking and stifling opponents, winning possession, and combining with Bozsik in the transitional phases of play when the team goes forward.


Gento and Johnstone wreak havoc down the wings with their swift runs, taking on opposition fullbacks and more often than not leaving them in their tracks. Charlton sits in the hole, bringing team mates into play and making attacking runs of his own.


Cruyff, the master, has license to do as he pleases. Whilst the triumvirate have clearly defined roles, he drifts around and uses his supreme footballing brain to conjure up magic. As opposition defenders are pulled to and fro desperately trying to keep him under wraps, space opens up for his team mates to exploit.


As for the two substitutes, Kocsis is on standby as a powerful orthodox target man, and Roberto Falcao is ready to come in alongside Der Kaiser in the midfield pivot.












No tactics posted.


Anyone, including draft members, is free to vote, and any opinions or suggestions relevant to the game are more than welcome. I hope the mods won't mind me putting this in the general forum, it was only for more people to view it.



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Can I please have serious replies? We hear enough of Mikel as it is on here without bringing him to a thread about the all time greats.


I think it will be a very close match, I've just given the edge to Lofty. His team looks brilliant throughout, only concern is the midfield pairing. Beckenbauer and Bozsik were both orchestrators of their team and wanted to control the games, they both worked better when paired with proper holders. That said, Beckenbauer is good enough defensively to make up for any short comings. Bobby Charlton also certainly helps with playing with no recognised striker.


PloKoon's team looks equally good, only problem is maybe the lack of width with Laudrup and Nedved coming in to their stronger foot. This can be rectified with attacking full backs, but Maldini nor Thuram were not quite that. Carvalho and Bobby Moore may not also be the most complementary CB pairing, but I can see it working. Very strong side both attacking and defensively, in any case. Messi will also thrive playing behind the striker where he can put his superb passing and vision to use.

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Have to say PloKoon's team would win this one , in my view , the pace,speed of passing , and sublime close ball control from xavi , messi , laudrup and Ronaldo would rip the other midfield , defence apart , whilst a strong solid midfield the kazier never had great pace and just feel if PloKoon's, team get up a head of steam they would be too hot to handle

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Midfield battle would be interesting. Beckenbauer would no doubt be supreme as a holder, and Bozsik was a fantastic playmaker (so I've heard).


Whilst Sammer isn't as good as Der Kaiser, I've never seen a player better at keeping the ball for his team than Xavi (except Mikel, obviously) and combined with Sammer's energy I think they'd win the battle for control. Particularly with Messi in front of them dropping deep and helping them to control the middle (not something Charlton was known for).


Ridiculous technical ability from Laudrup and Nedved coming infield would also help dominate the middle whilst Lofty's wingers would seek to take advantage of this by staying high up the pitch, with the attacking fullbacks overlapping and overloading PloKoon's fullbacks.


Just can't see past PloKoon's front 4 tbh. Presumably there would be a lot of fluidity with Nedved and Laudrup having licence to drift inside, and I can imagine link-up play between Messi and El Fenomeno (1998 Ronaldo*) being insane and tearing any defence to shreds.


Hard to call though because you really can't discount a team with Cruyff supported by Charlton, Gento and Johnstone but I think PloKoon's team has too much quality.




*I find that many people forget just how good Ronaldo was: a player largely reliant on pace when he won his first Ballon D'or, got injured and lost the pace only to go on and reinvent himself and win another Ballon D'or. Look at two other fantastic pace merchants who lost their pace due to injury after winning the same accolade: Owen and Kaka. Both have been (relatively) insignificant after the injuries and it's testament to Ronaldo's ability that he managed to come back that way. 

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I think one thing that some are overlooking is the defenses of both sides. Carvalho is perhaps just a little below this level, while Lofty's defense are all world class and the very best in their respective eras.

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I only posted this thread here to get more views. It doesn't have a great deal of votes as it is so moving it to the football forum will only give it less so. It's only temporary, I don't see why you are so bothered with it. If it's not your cup of tea then move along, plenty other threads to post in.

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