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The cheek of Barca


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Just seen that Barca have complained to UEFA about the referee in their game against PSG.  Apparently he didn't know the rules!


Fuk me, if the ref didn't give everything Barca's way I'd have expected UEFA to launch an immediate investigation without Barca telling them to.  Look out for PSG players to get sent off and at lease one penalty for Barca in the second leg.

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They really are unpleasant f**kers and it still makes me sick when you hear the media having a w**kfest over them. They might well be good at football but clearly not so good that they don't feel the need to be a bunch of whinging cheats.

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What a horrible set they really are. Did UEFA investigate the semi in 2009? I doubt they would have even if we sent a complaint about the refereeing.


Id go as far to say PSG were unlucky not to win with the chances they created. On another night Ibra has a hat-trick

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Don't you laugh when one of the commentators has an orgasm over a messi goal? A tap in across the box gets Nial Quinn all hot and stuffy.


Does my nut in. 


That's exactly the reason I switched off the telly at half time last week. Couldn't stand any more of the Messi worship :Connie_threaten:

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