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Hello from Cornwall!


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Hey, thought I'd say Hello as I am new on this forum :)  I'm from Cornwall; Chelsea fan for 15 or so years (since I was 10).


Unfortunately have only been to one Chelsea match (v. Swansea in the 2011-2012 season) - long journey + very expensive to get to matches!


Bringing Mourinho back though may mean I will have to get to a few more games! :)



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Thank you for the welcome :)


Hello Cornwall - what part you from? I lived down there when I was a kid and still have family there.


Pretty much as far South as you can get in Cornwall; a town called Helston.  Whereabouts did you live?

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I lived in Porth, Newquay when I was about 2 or 3, then we moved back to London. Then we returned to Cornwall in 1967 when I was 10, and lived in Perranporth for a while before moving nearer to your neck of the woods - Rosudgeon, near Marazion. I went to school in Perranporth and Marazion, and loved it there, but my dad found it hard to find work - outsiders weren't too welcome back then! Once went on a school camping trip near Helston, I remember us having a day out at Goonhilly Down - very happy memories of living in Cornwall, but sadly I can't afford to do so now.


I've got cousins in Bodmin and St.Teath and an aunt in Newquay, so hopefully I'll be coming down there this summer for a week or two. I'll probably spend quite a bit of time in the White Hart in St.Teath and The Weavers in Bodmin with my cousin Kevin. He still travels up to the Bridge now and then with some of his Chelsea mad mates, taking turns driving a mini-bus.

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Ah, fairly close then really.  Sorry to hear you weren't welcomed (you do get some locals like that!). Cornwall is unfortunately an expensive place to live (if you have any sort of standards at all as to what area you live in!).


Even though it's a pain being so far from London, it really is a gorgeous place to live in the Summer!  Especially living in Marazion, what a lovely place to live in!


I have only managed to make the trip up to Stamford Bridge once, but plan to take my Mum on a surprise trip next season - she's a massive CFC supporter and has never been - I want Jose back for that one reason - she is in love with the man! :)

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