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A return to common courtesy please

Chelsea Megastore
Chelsea Megastore

Chelsea Megastore

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After just spending more time than I cared to (i.e. any time at all) wading through the recent fall outs and now spending more time thinking about what, if anything needs to be done about it, I feel the time has come to maybe ask for everyone to have a drink, fag, doobie, w**k (male or female) or whatever it is that helps you calm down and try not to turn threads into a series of back and forth slagging matches.


None of the mods have the time to scrutinise every post in real time, and especially not at the moment, so although we do try and catch up when things kick off it is often a case of shutting the stable doors once the horse has bolted.


We went through many years with minimal requirement for excessive moderation because the mood was generally light hearted and any disagreements didn't descend into anything that required intervention.   I would like it to return to that.


I appreciate that emotions can flare a little but if someone just becomes insulting, and in particular, personal please just report it.  Responding to it, no matter what the provocation is, just makes it worse and gives the mods a bigger clear up exercise afterwards.

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Fair dos , but why........Cant fans give each other a coating off .....Its all part of a group scenario.......Mates fall out and have a verbal row and throw a few insults...Then make up....Its all part of natural life.......This is one of the sites that feels natural to be on and has given freedom of speech whether good or bad......To take out verbals from one fan to another will steralise us surely...The fabric of the site being a family type unit will be gone...Only my opinion..(and) you are the governor,and im sure more will agree with you, but i had to air my veiw

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Hi Mike

Not saying we all need to be girl guides and offer each other jelly and ice cream. Just saying keep it in balance. People get turned off when a good thread turns into a series of one liners calling each other c**ts, cretins etc etc. No problem with a little fsll out and definitely fine with banter. Howevrr a little propotion makes life easier and 99% of the time everyone gets the balance about right.

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Will you look at that?  He asks for courtesy and he gives us an unasterisked c**t!! 


Wise words though!


P.S. see - my c**t had asterisks inserted!   :laugh2:

Edited by moi
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The more observant amongst you will have noticed that the match thread went awol yesterday.  This was a direct consequence of two things.  


The first was my non existent technology skills which meant that instead of deleting a single post I managed to delete the whole thread irretrievably!


The second was that I was inundated with reports about unacceptable posts and it was in dealing with those that my finger slipped.


So, apologies that all of the wonderful prose that made up the 30 odd pages of that thread have been lost forever.  Thanks to those who took the time to report the offending posts.  And bollocks to the twats that can't tell the difference between what is and isn't acceptable.


Carry on.

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Hello not sure I am in the right forum,every time I try to log with my normal user name I get sent to a 'trol' site.Why please?



You may be in the right forum, but you're not in the right thread!

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