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City fan passing on thanks to kind Chelsea fan


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Man City fan here with a story I wanted to share. With all the bad news revolving around football after the scenes at Wembley on Saturday and at Newcastle yesterday I thought i'd share what happened yesterday.

My son and me left the stadium and realised we'd left our programme below our seats. Connor is a worrier by nature and got quite worked up. We joined the queue at Wembley Central and I said I'd ask on facebook to see if anyone had a spare. A Chelsea fan behind us asked what was wrong I explained he presented Connor with his even refused my offer to pay for it I thanked him and he wished us well in the Final.   It was a very nice gesture and is the way you don't see football fans portrayed in the media. And lets just say said programme hasn't been far out of Connor's sight since he got in from school this afternoon.  I realise there is a chance he might not be a member on here but felt it was worth while trying to pass on my thanks again to a true gent.

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Thanks for relating that story, lightblue, nice to know there are still some decent people out there. To be honest, I was a bit intrigued when I saw this thread, I thought it was "City fan passing on, thanks to kind Chelsea fan" - glad I was wrong! :biggrin:

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city fan here...just to echo the OP's sentiments. I had my 16 year old daughter and 10 year old lad with me. My eldest is mad on "made in Chelsea" so wanted to go and have a look at some of the sights around that part of town, before the game. I was a bit unsure walking around in City Shirts would be the best idea, but we decided to give it a go! Every Chelsea fan we met, in the street and on the tube, was great, and the atmosphere between both sets of fans on Wembley way was brilliant...proper football fans!

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