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It's a miserable time to be a Chelsea fan, but I'm quite excited.  Next season we'll have plenty to smile about.  Rafa will be gone (or there'll be war!), we'll have a fresh season without an obscene schedule, we may win the Europa league and get another crack at the super cup, we might see some new faces or promote some youth and we'll have an exciting new (or old?!) manager to get to know.  It can only go up hill from here.


Mata, Hazard and Oscar would have had a season to work each other out and settle - and I can't wait to see what they produce after some much needed R&R.  We could also finally be saying goodbye to Torres.  No hard feelings but he never worked out here and we've spent too long on that project.  We've underperformed this season but considering what we've had to contend with; RDM's sacking, the Clattenburg incident, Rafa's appointment, the bellend ballboy, Terry's latest scandal and the relentless schedule - it's a wonder we've managed to continue the fight for the top 4 and push right to the end of every competition we've been involved in (except the CL obviously).  All of this with the loss of our talisman Drogba.  I don't think United or City would have been able to handle our burdens as well as we have.  


Its been a tough season, but we've built a new squad.  Our fightbacks against United (twice), City and others, no matter how bad it got; showed we've still got the formidable drive CFC is famed for.  The same drive Mourinho instilled, the drive that has won cups and titles and finally delivered the CL against impossible odds - and I think this season, for all its setbacks, has reforged that drive in our next generation.  If that's the case, this has all been worth it. 

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Yep thats all well and good and optimistic....It seems that as weve won the european cup , we are expected to win it every year thereafter....I am aware its been topsey turvey for many reasons, but still feel (possibly to the chagrin of many) that if we end in top 4..Win europa.Weve had a FAIR SEASON.....Not what everyone wants but no team can win the things we are expected to win all the time...Im in the minority im sure but a season weve had is looked upon by me as being a better season than all bar 2 clubs....Man utd will win the prem....Im sure their lot wanted euopean cup too....Man city will get an fa cup....Well for their costly squad it would seem peanuts..No they are happy with an FA cup although expecting more..Hence im happy to have won something (yep i believe the europa is ours)....It seems the rafa thing has got everyone pulling their hair out....Personally, as a man i couldnt give a f**k on his thoughts of us...He wasnt that important....We then made him that important and were never going to let the applecart settle...As a manager he hasnt been the greatest stimulant to the players or a very good tactition, but since losing Drogba we were never going to be playing our footy with the same confidence..Drogba here this season would have given us an fa cup, europa cup, and a very close 2nd to man utd in the prem....May even had a european cup final out of him..When these changes come next season with what everyone hopes ie no benitez, and 3 quality players charged by Jose it will instill excitment and hope.....Winning european cups in the first year of newness? not sure thatll happen....Catch man utd at the top....If we click immediately its possible...Win an fa cup or and league cup....Thats very likely.....I look forward in anticipation to next season but i dont expect miracles immediately

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As long as we get the liverpool out of Chelsea i will be happier. Do i think we will get Jose, my feeling today is no. So it will be exciting to see who we bring in. I pray that the board arent stupid enough to keep Rafa on. I hope that they dont want riots on their hands.

We all spoke about a protest earlier on in the season well let me tell you i will be starting one if Rafa is given a new contract.

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