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Chelsea Success?


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Objectively, a top 4 finish and the Europa Cup is a good season for us, considering all the changes our team are currently going through.

However I don't think we're greedy in feeling like this season has been a disappointment, for me it's not that we lost so many competitions but the manner in which we lost them. I don't think anyone ever expected us to win another CL this year and the Community Shield loss to City didn't bother me too much as we played well with 10 men. Same with the FA Cup, we knocked out United and were very unlucky not to beat City and advance to a fairly easy final.

However, the pathetic showing against Atletico in the Super Cup where we were humiliated, going out without a whimper in the final against Corinthians in the CWC, and those nightmare legs against Swansea in the COC were ridiculous and they are what i'm disappointed about. It's hard to fault the team if they give 100% but in all 3 instances we were pathetic and that is what I find disappointing.

However if you'd told me at Christmas we'd have top 4 and the Europa, I would have taken it in an instant and i'm sure so would anyone else.

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I think we should of bagged at least 3 trophies this season. CWC embarrassing against Corinthians and thats goes for Athetico Madrid as well i mean lets face it we got smashed that day! poor show but they are the only 2 that i think we could of won if it wasnt for the idiot of the ref against City at the weekend then maybe we could have the FA cup also but a must win europa league and Top 4 is a MUST!...

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We SHOULD be happy with Europa cup and 4th place.....Many wont be.....I am happy with that though.....Not a chelsea team playing to full potential but im not particularly greedy with success...If we win something and beat spurs once, well, thats heyho for me

PS ...I also think that if everyone concentrated on giving their all to what we can get, rather than what we shoulda coulda maybe have done, we woulda ,coulda maybe of had a lot more happiness floating about

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I won't be happy because again the Club have let me down, they gave me a great season last year and just when I was basking in the glory of us being European Champions withe some great new players and a talented promising and proven young manager you all know what they did.


To cap that Benitez was installed and I watch as he improves us to  a stone like drop in the league and some wimpering displays in competitions even with a decent striker and no pressure on the style of play he uses.


Watching Chelsea then changes from an exciting ride where every thing is looking good and a season of transition would be an easy pill to swallow in the knowledge that the summer would see the new boys all gelled together and a couple or three reinforcments plus likely a club world cup and a tight fight for the title to an end of season that has been the most emotionless for me ever.


I can't deny it still pains me to see us lose but the thought of Abramovich feeling in any way that he made a good decision, the thought of him concidering an extension if his other targets think better of it and the thought of Benitez claiming credit for anything Chelsea do helps me find comfort when the fat Twat has again cocked things up.


Trophies for me wouldn't have made this a good season after whats happened.

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yes, i'm not greedy and also because then we would be the only team in British football to have won every major trophy available. 


That does me fine.

Depends if you count the World Club Cup.......

But still, it's nice to have something look forward to, I'm sure we'll have another crack at it one day.

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