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Goal of the Season 12/13


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Oscar for me because on top of a great strike, it was a sublime bit of skill to go past a great midfielder in pirlo...doesn't that seem a long time ago? that was when the mood was upbeat and we had a legend rather than a fat tw*t in charge

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As most have said, Oscar. It's one of my favourite goals of all time, everything about it was perfect.


21 year old who has just moved from Brazil making his first start for Chelsea in the Champions League. Up against a Juventus team full of great, experienced players. Mugs off Barzagli, Pirlo and Buffon, 3 world class players, in one fluid motion with an outrageous touch and finish. Ridiculous. His performance that day set the tone for his Chelsea career and, despite his recent poor form, he's getting leeway from the fans as it's obvious what he's capable of.


Second is David Luiz. Just love how Ian Wright was saying that it looked like we needed a moment of magic from Mata or Hazard just as Luiz went to thump it. Wow.


Third I'm not sure about - normally I'd go for Cahill as it was a fantastic strike, but the deflection really helped it along. Hazard vs Stoke is a contender, as is his goal vs Manure because of how calm he looked as he went for it and the circumstances. Then I think that, for all our lovely play this season, a tippy tappy team goal may deserve to be up there - Mata vs Spurs was sublime movement and passing.

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A season ticket holder mate of mine said that the Oscar goal generated one the loudest roars from the crowd at SB in years. Was at a time when there was an amazing feel good atmosphere around the club. Playing great football, still buzzing from Munich and not a FSW in sight. 


Most seasons, any of these goal would win GOTS easily but we've been spoiled this year for class goals. It's the touch around Pirlo that does it for me. PHWOAR. 

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