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The Pioneers of Terrace Fashion

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To all my fellow Chelsea loving supporters who havent had a trip up to dipper-land that are making the trip oop narf tomorrow be prepared to be told the following.


We aint got no history ( but apparently 5 european cups and NO premier leagues thats what you call his-tor-y.


Scousers are the pioneers of fashion, before the Scouser was invented * some say after a night out between a rather loose Manchester lass and a slightly lost Irish guy * 

The whole of England and still most of wales were dressed in cured animal skins and bandages on feet.


We was the sole cause of Hillsborough and the Hysel stadium tragedy.


John Terrys ma does lots of stuff with lots of unsaviour characters and also steals from Primark.


Frank Lampard eats pies


Torres is good


and lastly The FSW has credentials.

Please feel free to add to this list if you know anymore insults our supporters should be prepared for.




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I think you've summed up most of the scouse canards.


For all the Thatcher hate on Merseyside, I would actually characterise Liverpool and her as very similar in terms of their outlook on status. Allow me to elaborate.


Thatcher's Britain was a declining force in global terms, but she insisted on the country being seen as one of the most powerful in the world.


In this context, it is entirely logical to see Istanbul as Liverpool's 'Falklands moment'. A victory that was trumpeted, eulogised, but in context, ie, Liverpool being pants in the league, didn't mark them as a real football power any more than Britain's victory against a rag-tag Argentine junta marked her out as a global power on par with Imperial Britain.

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