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Our New Stadium

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I think the way it merges in with the views from the Cemetery tells you why they've gone with the brick. The stadium is surrounded by three different conservation areas and there will be 'partial' views of it from a long way away (even Richmond Park according to the planning documents). The brick helps to blend it in with the surrounding area.

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I am with the some of the others who are not in love with the design. Maybe it will grow on me. Guess it is a personal preference as I love modern stadiums like the Allianz Arena but as someone said, it is our stadium and I will love it.

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I can understand why people are hesitant towards the design, but in my opinion, it's completely crucial for the atmosphere that the stadium doesn't look like your average Wembley, Emirates, Etihad or even the soulless toilet seat that will be the new White Hart Lane. It's made for football, it needs to be ugly, it needs to intimidate the opposition, it needs to create a vibe that is on the other scale of everything connected with corporate stuff. There will be a lot of corporate seating within the stadium, but with a design like this, that doesn't have to matter. The Bridge today is like a library, but I want it to be a place known for its loud crowd and intimidating atmosphere, and this looks to me like a brilliant start. If we'd gone for a design similar to what Spurs is building, then I think our chances of achieving that would suffer greatly. 


Lastly, I'd have to say that I've never been this grateful to Roman as I am right now. He's decided to keep José during a turbulent time where he'd been long gone by now if this was a few years ago, and he's funding this football colosseum out of his own pocket. London has so much beautiful contemporary architecture - this looks completely different not just in general terms, but also in the world of football. No one has a stadium even remotely close to this, and in 10 years people will envy us. Us against the world, lads :)

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On Sky news this morning they were comparing it to a sieve or an egg slicer, they then went on to say it was being built elsewhere in Fulham not at the old Stamford Bridge ! :face_palm: I tweeted Eamoln Holmes, in vain.


I actually like it, intimidating, different, not one out of the bottle, as Jose might say.

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Still not huge on the design, but this is extremely intimidating!  

The graveyard at stamford bridge, where teams rarely never leave alive...



Looks like a location in ancient rome/greece/spain/italy with the stadium in the back looking similar to some kind of battle arena lol. 

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It's beautiful!

It's forward thinking, nothing else compares.

The Emirates is just a boring arena but our new stadium is much more.

I was dreading a boring bowl but this is top notch architechture in the heart of London and will be envied by many.

Seems like a whole new experience on match days cafes, shopping etc.

i can't wait, it won't come soon enough for me.

Bit surprised its not being used for any other events, but that may change.

Love it!

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