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sorry but only the once??

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Obviously it will be fantastic for us if Spuds take points off Manure, but the slight problem is that they're sh!te and will lose.

With superb players like Robinson and Mido they can't lose icon_rolleyes.gif

Honestly they will have to work hard to win against ManU but it's not impossible for them to get a point (or three). On a good day they can be really dangerous and if they managed to beat us then they can beat ManU too.

I just hope they don't have a bad day icon_confused.gif

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They are missing King so it will be really hard for them. They (just) need to keep their net untouched as long as possible and go for a late winner...That's not going to happen anyway 'coz they attack really hard home and united have good chances in counter attacks. im guessing 2-1 for manure.

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I just hope they don't have the ref against them. Wasn't it Spurs who a couple of seasons ago scored a goal against ManU and the ref said it wasn't in even though it was miles over the line?

Is it just me or do Spurs have some really good players? I can't understand why they play so bad. Sure they might not have a team to win the title but they should atleast be up there in the top 5 and they should be really difficult to face.

I haven't seen games with them this season. Is it the players who aren't playing good enough or is it the team?

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Berbatov is fit for today and I hope he plays, against Arsenal in the first leg of their CC game for ten minutes or so Spurs looked a good team, then Keane came on for Berbatov and they changed the system a bit and it was all downhill from there.

I think if they attack hard and dont get picked off on the counter they might get the first goal and then hang on against a big onslaught for the next hour or so untill a late equaliser makes the gap at the top a shrinking 4 points,

I'm going for a fiver on the 1-1 so an unusual chant will be heard in my House this afternoon,

COME ON YOU SPURS icon_eek.gif

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You cant take into account the Refs decisions,

Both teams could have had a Penalty but if you watch the Man Utd players reaction to not getting the Laarson one, you see why the ref gave Ronaldo one for his trademark Dive,

Wilkins said no penalty in the studio but george Graham said penalty and his reason was "why was Malbranque going for the Ball" he admitted after that it was given because they never got the first but Its down to Nevilles persistent moaning to the Ref that they got the second in my mind.

Hard work for Spurs now which is a shame because they were doing ok,

This is one I expected Man Utd to drop a couple of points in and its a shame another Referees decision has changed the game.

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yeah... I think sides used to lie down before arsenal when they went on their unbeaten run- not many mentally strong enough. with man united I just feel they are playing as well as they possibly can, and getting some luck- if spurs got that penalty at 0-0 who knows...

in any case, I wouldn't be surprised to see them slip in a game with less pressure on their opponents (than today).

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