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Shockingly poor football journalism - post it in here!


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As Chelsea fans (for the most part), I'm sure I don't need to explain to you all just how low some members of the football media are willing to sink in order to write an interesting story or tidbit. As a high-profile club we attract a great deal of speculation from the most 'imaginative' of observers. The sheer quantity of this nonsense has left many of us particularly sensitive to poor journalistic standards; as a result we collectively find a constant torrent of atrocious articles, and some individuals we could call 'repeat offenders'.


Anyway my proposition is that we collect the worst of it in one place (this thread) so we can laugh at the absurd, shout at the offensive and generally gawk at the rest. Also, should certain writers reappear a number of times, I propose that we highlight them so we know to take their work with a pinch of salt in the future. Obviously we are Blues fans and would in theory be more likely to read articles about Chelsea, but this doesn't necessarily just have to be a collection of Chelsea-bashers. In addition, this will probably be a more pleasant read if we try to keep it humourous rather than angry.


Is this a good idea or a dumb idea?

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I think it would be better if we kept to newspaper writers and the bigger stuff for the most part - I have a mate who works for a site like that and it is very much a case of quantity over quality with what they are told to write. He has been promoted now so he can express himself more but at the beginning it was really just latching onto every rumour possible to keep the numbers up. Those 'Ronaldo to Arsenal?'-style articles are absolutely everywhere - obviously you can all post what you like but I was thinking more of nonsensical opinion articles, or cases where an agenda or lack of basic knowledge are obvious.



Anyway this was the article which gave me the idea (does highlighting the name make him seem worse or better?):



Why it's Mourinho's fault that Sir Alex has called it a day…

You know who I blame for Sir Alex Ferguson deciding it’s time to retire? Jose Mourinho.

Fergie has talked in a beautiful, endearing way about how he wants to be with his wife, who has supported him for years. It was emotional just listening to him.

But for me the possible arrival of Jose back at Chelsea precipitated the end for the greatest manager English football has seen.

If you think that is absurd consider this: Mourinho’s return would present him with a challenge to knock Manchester United off their perch. Chelsea have been Premier League champions and they’ve been European champions. So what could Mourinho offer?

A chance to take over from United permanently as the dominant force in the Premier League and Europe.

That is Mourinho’s challenge, should he choose to accept it, rather than messing around with pay-offs and financial issues. (If he loved Chelsea, money wouldn’t be a problem, surely?)

Ferguson has every right to turn that challenge down. He is interested in football, not soundbites and enigmatic press conferences.

He is also not interested in any touchline nonsense.

The last time Mourinho was asked to end the dominance of another club was when he took over at Real Madrid. He had no chance of doing it with football, so he poked a coach in the eye, called Barcelona cheats, and left Pep Guardiola so disillusioned with football he gave up.

If Mourinho is happy doing that to Guardiola, he won’t shirk from trying similar tactics with Ferguson.

The great man is right to go out with dignity, rather than being dragged down to Mourinho’s level.

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