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Since the Gooners last won silverware


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Boy does that look sweet! 


I quite enjoyed reading the bitter comments on the Arsenal mania forum, despite feeling a bit dirty. The best comment was (poor deluded souls) :


"This is the circle of football and we will have our 10 year domination and this drought will make it all that much sweeter."



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Since Arsenal last won a trophy, every single one of the other 91 League clubs has changed its manager.


Really:-.....is that fact?

but that would have been 90 up to last week then............amazing that

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Even the Emirates cup?

Haha well that's a pre-season trophy that you don't need to qualify for. But if we won it I'm sure I'd be happy :)

End of the day I remember when this club won nothing and even a Community Shield is enough to put a smile on a fans face. All trophies obviously have a priority but it doesn't mean I don't want to win them.

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but I bet you any goonie would cherish a chance for that salad plate. 8 years & Counting :D


well you have to win something to actually qualify for that trophy so i doubt any gooner is taking the shield into consideration

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Of course the Community Shield / Super Cup counts. People who say these games are just like playing in a pre season tournament are well off, they are not the same at all, you need to earn the right to play in these games unlike pre season tournamens. People who treat these games with disrespect are just greedy.

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We are in a position where nobody expected us to be. We have our destiny in our hands, our fate in our hands and that’s what you fight for in the game.

“It is a game that we will now want to win but at least we fought back to be in a position where we master our own fate.â€





It's amazing how he continuously gets away with making every season sound like a triumph against the odds.

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