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Van Ginkel to Chelsea

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Good english, looks like a very decent guy. 

Really hope he can make it into the first team regularly next season.


Mourinho doesn't seem to favour Mikel, and if Ramires keeps performing like this I can definitely see MvG getting a lot of game time. 

Lamps can't play every match, so I reckon he could form a good partnership with Matic. 


Since every match remaining this season is very important I doubt he will get a lot, if any, game time in the first team.

But since Strootman is injured I am hoping for the very small chance he will get called up for the Dutch national team.


Wouldn't be dissapointed if he doesn't make it, since I don't want him risking injury or whatever, but we'll see what happens.

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Apparently he trained with the Holland squad. Can't imagine he will go to Brazil, we'll find out next tuesday I believe.

Would be nice for him, a rewaed for his recovery

Will never travel with them, be nothing more than a fitness booster for him.

A team like Holland would not take a young lad who hasnt played football for months on end.

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I hope he gets on the plane and gets some minutes, not sure how likely that is!! I wonder what his fitness is like. He has a fairly small frame, so I imagine getting fit again shouldn't be much of an issue.

I'd be more a lot more worried about how rusty he could be.

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Apparently his agent has came out saying how disappointed mvg is at not making the bench vs burnley, and that they are awaiting a response from the club.

Hopefully just bs, because that would be ridiculous after 1 game. It also wouldn't bode well for his general happiness this season, as I think there will be plenty of games where he doesn't make the squad, especially with ramires now available.

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