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Would love him but think it's very unlikely. Can see him going to City/PSG/Monaco if (when?) he leaves Bayern.


He also said this recently about Jose


It is a big move for Chelsea with Jose coming back – but I know it is one the fans will welcome.

“He had very successful years at Chelsea â€“ and he can have them again.

“The thing about Jose is that he will win at any cost – he doesn’t care how, he just wants to win.

“I’ve not always been supportive of the style of football he plays, but he is a winner who has achieved great success. I am sure that with some big signings from the owner that Jose and Chelsea can rule England again.â€


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I was against letting him go the first time. He gave us an option we haven't had since he left.

Would I want him now? Now, at age 29, if he was still a Chelsea player, I would keep him,

but since that's not the case, I wouldn't go crazy on the trasfer market to bring him back.

Always liked him, and even though I rooted against his team in the CL final this year, I'm glad he finally got it.

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