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I don't know if this has been suggested before or dismissed as a stupid idea but could there be a dedicated place for videos?  


In the last few days/weeks there have been some great videos posted but I can't always watch them at the time (either browsing on my phone which isn't great for videos, or at work) and then sometimes (as in the Mourinho thread) the thread moves on so fast that I can't find the right page.  Or I just can't remember what thread it was I saw it in.


It would be great to be able to sit down and just go through one thread and watch an evening's worth of Chelsea videos rather than having to find them in loads of different places!

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I'd love to see a thread like that, but that would probably mean people would have to post most videos twice. Usually a video is posted because it's relevant to the topic of the thread and if we had a thread for videos, you would first post the video in the thread where it's relevant to the discussion and then "archive" it by posting it again in the video thread. Not a big hassle, but would people actually do that? Might be worth a try.

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Hmm yeah.  But can you quote a post to a different thread (so that if someone puts a video in say the match thread post you could then quote the post and the video to the video thread).  Then at least you'd be able to move videos that you yourself are interested in watching later?

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Just trying to copy a video I posted in Mourinho thread to this one to see if it works


Well that seemed to work - so maybe next time I find a video I like I'll create a video thread and then anyone who wants to can add to it in the same way.  And if no-one else wants to, it'll just become my very own private video thread!

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