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A new start.

A fresh beginning.

Une belle saison est arrivée!

With lots of confidence.

With new shirts and trousers.

The first training, yesterday.


I'm ready!

And of course. Your team and Kevin! Our Kevin at Chelsea!

And later, our Thibaut. Brilliant. I look forward to great things.

I'm very proud!

Out of courtesy. Thank you mod(s) for this this possibility. Et merci, Moi, pour vos avis et conseils.

It's my pleasure to get to know you, dear Chelsea fans.

(Part 1 you can find at the 'say-hello-here-thread', Friendly greetings ... part 1 about Kevin, and Thibaut Courtois, and Christian Benteke, and the Belgian national football team, and the Serbs, and Holland, and Kate Ryan, and Lesley Anne Down, et Emmanuelle, Jacques Brel and Stromae.

So. I say hello, everybody.

And wish you all a beautiful day!


The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion

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And you may ask yourself?

Krc Genk?


And you may ask yourself?

What the f... ?


And you may ask yourself?

Who's that guy?


And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?


And you may find yourself in another part of the world.




Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends.










I'm just a soul,

whose intentions are good.


Oh Lord!

Please don't let me be misunderstood.



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion





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Simon Mignolet signs for Liverpool.





Simon is also a guy from the neighborhood.


Kevin in Chelsea, Tibaut in Madrid, Christian in Villa, Steven in Porto.

There must be something in the air.

Or, in our water.



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion



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They seem to play 2 centre backs as full backs. I can see them lining up in a 4-3-2-1 (Christmas tree) Courtois Alderwierld Kompany Vermaelen? Vertonghen Witsel Dembele and Fellaini playing box to box where one sits and the other 2 attack I'd have De Bruyne and Hazard playing attacking midfield and Lukaku up front.

If I was the manager though I'd be tempted to play 3 at cb and have Fellaini and Defour deep with Defour spraying passes and Fellaini being the destroyer and when they loose the ball have both of them drop wide to defend the wide areas. De Bruyne and Dembele playing wide box to box then going narrow and deeper when they loose the ball and Hazard just behind Lukaku in the number 10.

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I'm impressed, gentleman!






I hope something like this.

For me the perfect game.





Or Benteke up front, Zollawannabe25.

With a very important part for Kevin and Eden. It's good they are playing together now.


Don't forget Dries Mertens (Napoli now),  Nacer Chadli (Dortmund? Juve? Inter? Ac?)  and Kevin Mirallas, gentlemen.



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion




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'Start bottling that water, mate.'






Hé! That's a new one for me. Never heard it. But I like it. Take it with me today. In Genk. 'Start bottling that water, mate.' Sounds something like John Wayne.




Correct Evissy!


cfr. post 10 - Thread Say hello here. Friendly greetings ...


We never talk about a world cup. That do others.

But we have fun!

The game against Holland was very important for us. And now, all the rest is bonus and extra and magic and fun and other things. But 'het doel', we say in Flamish is 2016! That's for sure.


Casually (is that correct in english) it's  now the Belgian team.


But look, Evissy.

You as a Chelsea fan.

The video in post 6. At 2:12. Kevin and Eden!  That's I want to see.


And this one.

This one is so beautiful.

For me the goal of the year, last year.


At 5:18

It starts with Lukaku.






We all now, that Spain, next year ...



The Cristal Arena - Emotionen in slow motion

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Thank you, Phillip!

Appreciate it a lot!



The are calls and talks and rumour and hope and ...


But great. It would be good!


I don't know, MOF4.

Eden is for me 'a special one'. A rockstar. A 'masjien' we say in uh Genks.

So once in a lifetime, you know?


Thorgan has qualities. That's fore sure.

But we all now that the road to Chelsea is a long and difficult one.



(Is there some news from Charly Musonda?)



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion


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Musonda just signed his first full-time contract with the club as a first-year scholar. I don't watch enough youth matches to have a strong idea how he's been doing, but from what I gather second-hand he's looked pretty good.

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I know, I know, I know!


It's not my business, but ...




and I wish you all the very best!







The champions in june 2014.




            Courtois  (after New Year.)


Dave - Luiz - Terry - Cole




Hazard - Mata - De Bruyne


     Lukaku - Benteke (or Benteke - Lukaku)




The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion



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Thank goodness!




Thank you, Valerie!

Thank you so very much.


I tought there was something wrong with my english.

But ...






Welcome to this thread!

How are you?


Have you seen Kevin today?



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motions

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