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Friendly greetings from Genk!


It's a lonely night

Everybody's happy




So many maybes

So many ways



I can't get no sleep

Deep in the bosem of the gentle night

Is when I surch for the light


No elektricity, something's all over me


I'm wondering if Mr Abramovich and Mr Mourinho have seen post 71 yet?

On this thread.

This page.



And thinking how I explain Moi the orgasm details, tomorrow.





It's a lonely night






You're right, Yorklyblue!

This thread needs some exciting stuff.

What's allowed at The Shed End?



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motion

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No, you add nothing.  You just work out what it means.  I have given you the first letter of each word.  And I am NOT an object,


In fact I strenuously object to being objectified.

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Yes. You're right.



In Flamish, it's a compliment.


Sorry, Moi!

It's not always easy. Flamisch and Dutch and Hollands and French and Duits, you know?




May I ask some help from my friends here?



It's already late in Genk.

And it was a hard day, today.

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Friendly greetings from Genk!




Which part of America, Scott?




In Flamisch it sounds like: 'Jij kan me de bomen in, kerel!'



But we say that after a few Jupilers.

To the guy who doesn't pay his round.


Most of the time, we stay calm.

In Flandern.

You know.

And be friendly. We are 'braaf mennekes'. Our intentions are good.






Great job, BelgradeCFC!

The players to follow, please? The next years. At the big teams.


Say, BelgradeCFC?

Are you also a Partizan Fan?

We played against Partizan, you know?




I missed the game. I felt in sleep.

It was to hot in the city.

Once again Hazard, I heard.

That Chelsea is a good team. Mark my words!


I found a funny video for days like this.

This morning.

This one.



It's not the accident.

But I wonder what she's doing all that time in the car?

After the accident.


Perhaps, she had a problem with a sock?




Have a nice day, Chelsea fans and friends.

Stay save.

Drink a lot!


Friendly greetings from Genk.



The Cristal Arena - Emotions in slow motions


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Friendly greetings from Genk!



Ik had hem wel begrepen, Valerie.


Neen, 'hou je rotkop' en zeker 'rotkop' zeggen wij niet. Dat lijkt me eerder iets van het noorden van Nederland.  


Hoe gaat het met je Valerie?

Zeg Valerie?


Amsterdam en Chelsea? Heb jullie daar een fanclub?


Een vriendelijke groet.



de cristal arena - emotie in slow motion

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