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Anyone sitting in the Shed for Boro?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Also relates to this which I posted and got a disapointing amount of feedback on, since then it's gone mad even the club have grabbed the idea and to top it all MOTD are doing a feature on it for Saturday's programme.

Jump on board people.


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Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:58 am Post subject: Stand up and make some noise


I've been using another Chelsea site for a couple of weeks (sorry Loz), there's been a lot of discussion as to what area of the ground that's not currently for season ticket holders we can make into another singing section. It's been decided that anyone that wants to make a bloody racket at football should get a ticket for the 'boro game in the shed lower (if that's sold out go for the shed upper). The thinking behind that is primarily that the Shed is our home anyway, and the lower is small enough that the singers shouldn't get lost in amoungst the other fans.

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Yes thanks guys, sorry for being unclear, but after all I'm just a dumb Yank. 106.gif

Barn, I'm sure you "Rival" web site will have a full report.

I ask because I'm making my plans for Sheff Utd.

5 weeks btw. icon_cool.gif

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It wasn't as loud as a lot of people were hoping, mainly because originally the idea was to get everyone in the lower teir, the club (and we're glad they seem to be behind the idea) adviertise on the ticket page that the Shed upper should be first choice for those wanting to sing. This meant that the pockets of fans trying to get things going were spread out throughout the whole of the stand and there were too many people between us that didn't want to join in. The important thing is that we have made a start and are having regular communications with the club about the best way of moving things forward - starting with a few blocks in the upper seems to be the main idea so far. Have faith though this will continue to gather momentum although I think the real results will be seen next year.

That said the overall atmosphere on the day was better than a game against 'boro usually is, and that was without hearing a bloody thing from the MHL who had a disappointingly quiet day.

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Seems like its gaining alot of support. Great news

http://www.chelseafc.com/xxchelsea18070 ... _2209129_0

'Back To The Shed' Backed By Players

Mon, 19th Feb 2007

Today (Monday) is the first day of ticket sales to members for the home game against Sheffield United. It's the second league match targeted by The Return To The Shed campaign, a campaign that has received support from Chelsea players and staff.

The aim is to encourage all non-season ticket holders who enjoy singing and chanting at games to group together with like-minded supporters in the Shed End of the stadium.

The hope is that in healthy vocal rivalry with season ticket holders in the Matthew Harding Stand, two ends of concentrated singing will boost atmosphere within Stamford Bridge.

The campaign has been the work of a collection of fans' groups and has the backing of Chelsea Football Club.

John Terry is supportive of the supporters' idea.

He says: 'You go to certain grounds around the world and they have more than one section singing and it is very good.

'Those grounds are the same as ours in that they have family-orientated sections, mainly at the sides of the pitch, which is great for people with young kids, or older fans, but if we can get both ends really, really going like a lot of those grounds, that would be great for us players.

'We have got the Matthew Harding End, which is very good and probably the loudest part of the ground. Now if we can mix that up with the Shed End, that will echo around and get the volume up.'

Petr Cech, the player who spends the most time in close proximity to the two ends of the stadium, agrees with his captain.

'Of course it is great when there is a lot of singing behind me because football is all about atmosphere and if the atmosphere is great, possibly the football on the pitch is better as well,' he says.

'It would be great if we can improve the atmosphere in the stadium. I think for the fans it would be better and they would surely enjoy more the games.'

The first game targeted by the campaign was the Premiership match against Middlesbrough last weekend when singers were asked to congregate in the lower tier of the Shed End.

Assistant manager Steve Clarke, who has 20 years experience of the atmosphere inside the Bridge, said after the game:

'Sitting on the bench in the second-half, I did notice a difference because suddenly I could hear songs originating with my left ear instead of my right ear.

'For me it was good because going back to my playing days, all the noise used to originate from that end of the stadium and it did make a difference today. I thought the supporters did well.'

The aim now is to relocate the singing section to the Shed Upper with its larger number of seats and improved acoustics for all remaining home games this season. The exception will be any cup games that see away fans allocated that entire end.

Jerry Kendik, who is co-ordinating the campaign on behalf of the fans' groups involved, reports on the try-out against 'Boro.

'Other than matches against teams from the "big four" and West Ham, the general atmosphere was louder and more sustained than any other league game this season,' he believes. 'There were very few silent passages of the game.'

'Just compare this game to the Newcastle midweek match in mid December, there's been a big improvement since then.

'The bulk of the feedback we've had so far shows that most agree that there was improvement, but for the Shed End at least, we need to be seated closer together in blocks for it to jump to another level.

'People either in it or watching from afar said there were pockets of singing fans rather than one large group, and this made it difficult to raise a head of steam. The fans who bought in there are to be really congratulated. You could see pockets having a good go.'

He also explains the next stage of the plan.

'We now know that the acoustics in Lower, as feared, aren't nearly as good as the Upper. Once the club adopted this campaign we could go for Shed Upper as a first preference. That's got to be the way to go going forward.

'The aim now is to relocate these pockets of fans from Lower to Upper where there are more singers anyway, better acoustics and a better view. If we succeed, we should go up another notch still for Sheffield United game.

'If you are a non-season ticket holder and you want to get behind the team vocally, buy your tickets for the rest of the Premiership and Champions League campaign in the Shed Upper as first preference and the Shed Lower as second preference,' he urges.

Tickets for the home match against Porto on Tuesday 6 March are already on sale.

Sales of seats for Sheffield United on Saturday 17 March begin to members on Monday at 7am online and 9am via the box office and telesales.

Visit Ticket News for online booking and full ticket information.

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'Sitting on the bench in the second-half, did notice a difference because suddenly I could hear songs originating with my left ear instead of my right ear.

The thing that gets me is the whole point of this operation is to generate atmosphere from the start, not once we're 2 or 3-nil up. icon_rolleyes.gif

Also the area of the ground they're doing this is where all the touts get tickets so most end up in the hands of 'tourists'.

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