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There are a handful of players I don't want to see anywhere near a Chelsea shirt and he is one of them.


By the way, there is no love lost from his side either, and if he had a choice he would never choose to come here. Thank goodness.





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A bit of a c**t but I think a superb player.

Would he improve us, I think yes.

Would he come to us, I think no.

Would I want him here, ermmmm, if he fitted in and scored 15 a season, helped us to win EPL and CL, I'd probably grow to like him.

In answer to the thread title, Fabregas to Chelsea, Yes or No. It's yes,yes,no,no, no, yes, a f**k it, Jose you decide.

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No need for him. Not tough or fast enough for our setup. If we want an AM or CM lets look elsewhere. Schweinsteiger or Kroos for CM position. We might as well get Mata back then. I hear ManU is selling....


He's hardly a weakling, did quite well while at Arsenal, the physical nature of the league didn't seem to affect his performances. Mata was no bodybuilder and wasn't exactly known for his lightning speed, either. Fabregas is his match when it comes to creativity, and he's stronger than Juan.


I can understand people resenting his Gooner past and he does have a c**tish side to him, but as a player, he'd improve our midfield considerably.

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We should absolutely give it a go. There is absolutely no reason to pass up a player of his quality when he's available for only £30 mil. He could play any there in our midfield 5 and would be a natural successor to Frank (long live the king) would revolutionize the pivot and offer competition for Oscar.

Won't move to us for a second though. But it would be ridiculous of we didn't at least ask the question.

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Has Arsenal pollution but very impressive stats and still only 27 (turned 27 earlier this month.) For a player who's not about pace, he could give 5 years for the club.

From 2007-8 season + (App-Gls-Ass)...










Not to be sniffed at.

In footballing terms, he's more or less what we've been looking for. Ticks pretty much all the boxes.

+ passing range, creativity

+ Goal scoring ability

+ Experienced yet young

+ No adaptation worries

+ Combative, nasty streak and a winner

- Arsenal stained

- Matic and Fabregas not the paciest.

Also, my hatred for Fabregas lessened with his Arsenal departure and also upon his commenting that it was great to see Essien back and smiling after his big injury and what a fantastic player the bison was.

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Still believe the chances of us signing him are very slim as I think the chances of Jose wanting him look good only when compaired to how little Cesc will likely want to play for us.


But playing devils advocate if we were to sign him he would be better in Oscar's position imo, and so if we signed Cesc it could mean the end of the line for Oscar.


----Ramires/new signing------Matic




Not bad mind you when you look at it in terms of ability and work rate, even better if Ramires is replaced with Pogba or Koke lol...

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