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winesses to arrest at Charlton match


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Hi all

Hope someone can help

I went to the Charlton match with some friends, had been out at a party on the Friday night, then up early (from Bournemouth) to get to the match.

Had a few drinks on way to match as usual

We were stopped by police outside the ground, I was told to go get a coffee as i looked drunk/tired, then i would be allowed in, i went off to get a coffee, said i would meet my friends in there.

A few minutes later, i was grabbed, hand cuffed and taken to the local police station, chucked in a cell for 5 hours then charged with " Being drunk while trying to enter a sporting event"

I was not breathalysed, blood tested, given any access to a solicitor, not even told the details of who arrested me and why, and was even doing what the police told me to do.

Have been up in court where its now been adjourned for 3 weeks as the CPS want me heavily fined and banned from any football matches.

If there were any witnesses to a 19 yr old 6ft tall, black hair skinny lad being arrested, can you please let me know what you saw

many thanks

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Did you ask for a solicitor after you were arrested?

Were you interviewed, prior to being charged?

Basically, if the police didn't follow any of the PACE requirements they have no chance of making the charge stick. But if you were actually more drunk than you realise and agreed not to have legal representation, refused to see the doctor etc. Then there's a chance you may not win.

Was the case adjourned because you don't have a solicitor? It is essential you get one, you should probably be eligible for legal aid. Most solicitors worth their salt should get you off on this, but it really does depend on how drunk you were at the time and what you remember. It may be that what you remember happening and what actually happened are quite different.

Good luck!

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