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Blackpool/Norwich (Travel Help)

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Yes, get to Victoria then make your way to the Underground station.

Then get the district line (green) West Bound to Fulham Broadway (look for the train that has 'Wimbledon' on the front). Then its 4 stops to FB.


Theres the London Underground map, hopefully you can see what I mean...

(hope that helps!)

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Another much quicker way (if you check train times) is to get off at East croydon and get the Watford junction train (usually platform 1), which will take you to West brompton. From there you can walk or go 1 stop on the district line (which is right next door) to Fulham Broadway.

Trust me mate it will knock 25 mins off your journey and is a lot less stressful.

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I usually walk from Victoria, if the weather's alright - only takes about half an hour at most, and is preferable to poncing around on the tube icon_wink.gif

AND.............. That'll help get the weight off too! icon_lol.gif


This is very true - trouble is, I normally time my walk so that my arrival coincides with opening time drinkdrunk.gif

Still, the way I look at it is - if I'm drinking, then I can't be eating, so therefore I'm losing weight happy0034.gifEuReKa.gif

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