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Michael Duberry

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I can't believe he played less than 100 games for us as quoted in that article.  Loved Doobs as a defender and that enormous head of his was lethal at corners!


Best of luck too him in whatever he decides to do next.

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He was still playing?!


Also, thought he played more games for us than just 87.


Oddly my memory of Doobs was this game:



I was sat in the shed when those two went in... Gutted even thinking about it now. 

A real shocker that one, when we were in with a chance of winning the league about 5 years before the club came into existence in 2003.


Always liked Doobs. Had some great games for us to go with the bad memories. Delighted for him that he had such a long career.


Pleased to see him on Chelsea TV with Pat Nevin last night.

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Loved dubes, he was the first real decent centre back we had had in a while and the fact he came through our youth team was all the better. Came on the sceane the same time as rio and think he was talked about in international terms to begin with but never lived up to it and then when Leboufe and Dessaily came in it was all over for him at our place

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Honestly thought Doobs could have been one of the best centre backs of that period when he came on the scene at Chelsea, he was a big powerful athlete but sadly he got a bad injury early on in he's Chelsea days and slowed him down a good bit. I know he will be probably mainly remembered for the og against the foxes that maybe cost us the league scratch that it did cost us the league but I will always remember he's goal at Old Trafford in 96/97 season.  He was doing a lap of honour one time at the bridge Chelsea v Porto I was sat in the MHL and the stand sang we all f**king hate Leeds. ha ha.  I wish him well.

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I used to pop a long to Harlington and watch the youth team a lot in the 80's and 90's and there were some youth team players I really thought we're amazing JT, Morris, Doobs and Carlton cole really stood out ......

I always remember Wiseys cup final interview when he said that Doobs was not the brightest spark, he thought the capital of China was Hong Kong ...... Loved that era .

Good luck Michael think it is a shame you didn't get to play alongside Marcel like JT did think it would have made you !

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