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Ticket Prices From Season 98-99.


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At least were not paying library prices. 


Found this regarding this seasons premier league ticket prices, pretty interesting. Can't believe Man City fans can pick up a season ticket for £299, incredible. 









Who in there right mind would pay £1900 to watch the y*ds!!!!!  :laugh2:  :laugh2:  :laugh2:  :laugh2:

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The one and only thing I say in defence of Arsenal (and yes it sticks in my throat) is that their season ticket includes 7 cup games in any season. They get a refund if they don't play 7 cup games. In effect you get sent a ticket even if you don't want to or cant attend. I think its a bit like Man Utd where you have to buy tickets for cup games

My Season ticket at Chelsea in the west lower costs £900 been the same price for a year or two now and although I wish it was cheaper its far better value now than it was say 10 years ago

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