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Chelsea vs Norwich

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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What`s up guys??

It`s already Friday......

C`mon tell me your thoughts on a squad and final score right now, little bar stewards!! icon_lol.gif

I think we`ll win 4-0 with any squad.

But my concern is will we play the strongest squad as a warm-up before Porto or will it be bed time for some key players???

And what about Ballack and Mikel? I cant see any news about them.

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I read somewhere that Ballack is okay and Mikel seems to be okay too.

So will we play our strongest team or with reserves? Difficult to say. JM really wants to win the FA-cup (please tell me this is the FA-cup icon_redface.gif ) so I can't see him putting 11 youngsters on the pitch.

Cech will probably play. He hasn't played that many games since his injury so he might need as much time on the pitch as possible.

Essien will play. He's played every minute so far(?) so I can't see him resting in this one. But who knows JM might put his foot down icon_wink.gif

Drogba and/or Sheva will rest but atleast one will be on the bench. I can see Sahar get another chance.

JT will play. He needs to play as much as possible now.

Bridge will play and I think Geremi or Ferreira will play as RB. Diarra might be on the midfield instead of Makelele. If Boulahrouz is fit again then I think he will play instead of Riccy.

On the midfield I'm not sure who'll play. If Ballack and Mikel is back will they play? Is Lampard going to rest? Do we dare to play Robben?

I wouldn't be surprised if JM rest both Mikel and Ballack.



Geremi - Boula - JT - Bridge

SWP - Diarra - Essien - Lampard

Sheva - Kalou







Feels like I've missed something but I'm sure someone here will be quick to remind me icon_wink.gif

Score? A solid win for us. We will not exert ourselves and score more than we have to. A two goal win: 2-0 or 3-1

Kalou, Sheva and Sahar to score?

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It is a tricky one for Jose, with the Porto game coming up followed by Arsey at Cardiff 4 days later, so I'd expect him to mix-and-match for this one.

Carlo would seem to be in pole position to get a game having missed out with his injury. I'd expect to see JT and Carvalho together again if only to have some playing time together after such a long break. Bridgey picks himself at left-back and Diarra might get in at right-back, but that depends on the health or otherwise of our midfield. If Ballack and Mikel are touch and go, I'd expect Jose to avoid bringing them back too soon. Maka should get his customary rest, leaving Essien to play in front of the back 4, with Lamps and Diarra further forward, in which case we're likely to see Geremi at right-back - I think Jose will save Ferreira for Porto.

Up front I have my doubts whether Jose will risk the glass-ankled Robben from the start, so I'd expect to see Kalou from the off. Sheva and Drogba should start too with Sahar getting a go late on if things go to plan.



















As far as the game goes, I expect us to win but not by many. Jose will employ his "win but don't kill yourselves" tactic of doing just enough to take us through comfortably so I'll go for a 2-0 victory, easing up in the final furlong!

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I think he will want Cech JT Riccy and Makelele to play together, lampard and essien will be in, I think drogba will be rested and kalou could play up front, or there could be a 4-5-1 with robben/kalou on the wings. ferreira or geremi to play this one, diarra or geremi to play the final- ferreira to play against porto! i think he will rotate in the final. though i think Cech will probably play all 3 games.

confused enough BPL people!?

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------------------Ballack-Mikel(if fit)-------------



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I would expect to see Cech play - he has already missed enough games and I'm sure Jose will be keen to make sure he is getting back to full sharpness before the title run in.

In fact I expect to see a very strong team with maybe only Drogs rested

So predict







with a bench of






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1 Petr Cech

14 Geremi

9 Khalid Boulahrouz

26 John Terry ©

20 Paulo Ferreira

12 John Mikel Obi

19 Lassana Diarra

8 Frank Lampard

24 Shaun Wright-Phillips

11 Didier Drogba

16 Arjen Robben

Subs: 40 Hilario, 18 Wayne Bridge, 5 Michael Essien, 21 Salomon Kalou, 7 Andriy Shevchenko.

That's my BPL up the swanny - 4-3-3 by the looks of it

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