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Wise and the Leeds leak

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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How do you think Dennis has handled the 'spy in the camp' story this week. When I heard it on the radio on Sat I thought he knew who the player was, it turns out the whole team are still under suspicion.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/footbal ... 367729.stm

I personally would have kept it 'in house' but he was obviously well p1ssed off when someone stuck a mike under his nose just after their game with Palace.

Still nice to see them struggle though.....


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I think he was too hasty in saying that the culprit would never play for Leeds again without knowing the full details of the case - ie it could be that the team was leaked inadvertently or someone else stole it but Wise went straight for the lynching

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This an old chesnut and my vote goes with BJD. In fact you couldn't be more wrong on this one Scott if you tried.

I was there at sh*te Fart Lane that night as well and you have to take what he did in the context of the game, the atmosphere, the hatred between the supporters and the fact he ran right up to the Chelsea fans to do it. I still get the hump thinking about it now.

Poyet can fack right off. End of.

But back to Wisey, I think we all know he'll start spouting off before putting his brain in gear.

Dennis is rightly a legend for us because of everything he's done for the club and his get-stuck-in attitude. However, I'm honest enough to admit that if he hadn't played for us, but instead played for one of our rivals, I would probably have disliked him as much as I do Robbie Savage. How many neutral football fans do you know who have a good word to say about Dennis Wise ? Not many I'll bet.

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Yep i was there too that night and perhaps that is why i feel so passionately about this and others that were not seem to be able to let it go.

He turned and looked at us, kissed the badge an then jumped and punched the air. This is Tottenham remember. Tottenham.

I dont care who he was or what he did, there is no coming back from that.

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Aargh the old Gus chestnut!

First of all I fully admit Gus made a massive mistake at White Hart Lane, and though I obviously don't know how he thinks, my guess is he knows it too and he also knows he was expressing his emotions toward the wrong people.

I do understand why a lot of people no longer have any time for Radio, especially people like bjd and Just who were there on the day. Gus got nothing but adoration from the Chelsea fans whilst he was at the Bridge and to react in that way smacked of ingratitude.

However I do truly believe that his overall intention was not to stick the fingers up at the Chelsea fans, but more at certain people within the club (anyone who was around at the time knows who that was).

If anyone thinks Gallas was badly treated by Chelsea over his contract renewal, trust me, this wasn't a patch on the way Gus was treated. Gus never wanted to leave Chelsea, he loved the place and he treated every game as if it was a cup final, few players can be said to have put more effort and passion (and no shortage of ability) into every appearance made in a Chelsea shirt. Gus had more than earned a new contract and he must have been heart broken (and absolutely stunned, as I was) when the offer was not forthcoming (actually I can't remember if iot was that he was not to be offered one or that it was to only be a single year one, think it may have been the latter).

It was a kick in the teeth of no uncertain ferocity and Gus reacted by slapping in an immediate transfer request - when I say immediate I mean he wrote it right there in Hutchinson's room (rumour has it he wrote it on a napkin).

There is not a doubt in my mind that had he been offered a 2 or 3 year contract he would have signed it in a heartbeat (and for me he not only deserved it but he still had a good 2-3 years left in him).

So yes Gus was wrong, he was wrong to make his protest toward the Chelsea fans, a protest of some sort was probably justified but this one was clearly ill judged.

However I can't hate Gus for it. Gus gave everything he could in a blue shirt for four years and he woud have happily done it for longer if given the chance he deserved. I can't just flick a switch and forget all of that because of one second of emotional madness.

I find it strange that Gus can be hated for making a single rash judgement in the blink of an eye yet Dennis is still adored whilst making a conscious decision to manage Millwall and then Leeds!!

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But Dennis never kissed the crockel Loz! He would never dream of doing something like that. Poyet clearly did something in the heat of the moment and adrenalin got the better of him. But do you think Dennis wouldve kissed the Millwall lion in front of the Chelsea fans ? If we get Leeds in the Cup do you think he will celebrate an unlikely Leeds goal by punching his fists towards the MHL ?

I get what you are saying about Poyet not aiming the gesture towards the fans but rather the hierarchy however the simple fact remains he did it.

No forgiveness from me im afraid. Like i said, this wasnt any other club he was playing for.

It was Tottenham.

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No I don't think Dennis would ever do that but don't forget two things

1. Dennis was born and bred in England and would be 100% aware of the history between Chelsea and these clubs

2. Gus was only in the country four years and although he will have become aware of the rivalry between Chelsea and Spurs there is a possibility (and I say possibility, I don't pretend to claim it as definite) that he wouldn't be so aware of the full extent of the rivalry between the two particular sets of fans.

However I still dispute whether a rash judgement just after scoring a goal (always an emotional moment) is any worse than Dennis' decision to manage Leeds, a decision he had plenty of time to think about and a decision made when he was actually wanted elsewhere and had no reason to go (other than to be reunited with Ken).

Now I don't resent Dennis for making that decision, just saying that I am a little surprised that he has been let off so lightly. Dennis knows the history, knows the animosity and yet despite having time to think it through rationally (instead of an instantaneous reaction) he makes the decision to manage Leeds and that is peachy king with Chelsea fans.

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As far as I remember Poyet was offered a new contract.

His main gripe was that he couldn't accept that he was no longer an instant first choice pick, and was spending more and more time on the bench. Hence, he moved to a much smaller club.

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I think you are right that he was offered one however I think it was the fact it was only a one year one that bothered him more than the not being guaranteed a game issue.

Wasn't there an issue that he had his kids lined up for schools (or already in schools) and he didn't want to leave London and take them out (or am I making that up icon_lol.gif )

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