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First ever Stamford Bridge match - some questions


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Hi guys,

I just bought a ticket to the Swansea game on Boxing Day, and it's going to be my first ever trip to England (and hence London, and SB). I was wondering whether there are things besides the actual game that I can look out for.

I know there's a stadium tour I can take, and I should get the match programme of course.

Is there a chance I can see the players up close when they get out from the team bus? If so, which entrance do they use and what time should I be there?

And since I'll be there early to pick up my tickets, anything I can do to pass the time? My ticket is for MH Lower btw, since that supposedly has the best atmosphere. "NL, Block: L15, Row: S" to be precise. I've heard the view can be restricted too far back in MHL. Is that the case with this row?

Also, do they allow backpacks in the stadium?

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For the bag deal, it depends on how big it is.  If it's a huge rucksack, then I think the answer would be NO.  But if it's a regular school-sized backpack, I don't think there should be a problem (I was at SB once, but I only had a purse with me, and later a plastic bag that contained two T-shirts and a teddy bear I purchased).  However, your bag will be sniffed by a dog.

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Hi Usama

The stadium tour wont be available on match day. Your seat won't be the best but you should still see most of the action. The further back you go the worse the view becomes, this is due to the upper tier protruding towards the pitch.

Sadly, these days atmosphere in the bridge is next to non existent unless its a big game (top 5 or 6 clash). If possible I would recommend getting the best seats you can for the viewing experience, you won't be missing out much on atmosphere for this game I can assure you, and its your first time in London.

As for meeting players etc, I wouldn't get my hopes up. As its a home game they'll likely drive themselves in early in the morning, as opposed to all arriving on a team bus.

Hope you have a great time. There is loads to do in London, you wont be stuck whatever you do!

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I'd recommend that you go to the Chelsea Hotel which is part of Stamford Bridge, as the players sometimes walk through the lobby (albeit behind a wooden partition) towards their changing rooms, and also on their way out of the stadium after the match - you do need to get a ticket to get back into the Hotel after the game, if that's what you plan to do. 

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