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Hi guys,

For the last few years youtube has been growing at an unbelivable pace and for a long time now I have been waiting for someone to do a Chelsea supporters channel. Arsenal has one (arsenal fan TV), Man U has one (full time devills) and liverpool has one (the redman TV). So I don't want a homemade video from a web cam but a real show that contains reactions, previews and discusions. Having seen a lot of their videos it made my thurst even stronger and that is why I decided to write this.


As far as I can see it all the channels are either financaly supported by the club itself or the people who produce it gave a lot of their money away to create them. There are probably also a lot of copyright issues asociated with it. I would honestly love to make a channel but the thing is that I am from Slovenia and I am also only 17 which means I can't go to many games, I can't conduct interviews and honestly I wouldn't watch it because I want it to be someone from England who does it and goes to every or at least most of the games. 


Like I said I have no idea how their channels are run but I just wanted to put the idea out there so maybe someone will know how to do it and have rescources to do so. It would be great that if you know something or have an idea to write it here. I also didn't really know where to put this Topic as it is about the internet but what I would do (if I could) with the channel is to create a comunity just like this where people can share their views but just in a video format. I also don't want it to be made by one person constantly but there should be more diversity.


I think if this happened it would be of great benefit to the whole comunity and that is why this could deserve a spot in the general discusion, but for now I just wanted to test it out here and if the respons was positive I would move it there so we could get more ideas.


Thanks if you read this and I'm very sorry if there are spelling mistakes or just general mistakes and also I wanted to say that I am subscribed to a lot of people who do Chelsea videos but none are really a discusing channel. 

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It's a good idea mate, but these channels only get 20,000 odd views per video which is not a lot. On Youtube, I think you are paid by a company which will supply adds to your video, but you need to be hitting the millions to pull in around $50,000-$100,000; so I suspect these guys give up a lot of their time.

The good thing is, there are not a lot of overheads. You just need a a good quality camera,mic and some editing software, then you are pretty much good to go. It's just a question of marketing and I've heard you can pay youtube to put your videos in the related videos section which would obviously help.

Once the channel hits off, you have a lot of scope on what you can do, and washed up ex pros might chip in so people still think they are relevant. To me, there is a possibility but it is just a question of commitment and whether you are willing to give up your own time. The best bet would to speak to somebody from one of these shows and see how they got started.

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