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Mobile broadband question!

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As there is no cables connected to the cities broadband connection in my apartment I have been forced to use internet via a mobile Wifi kind of router which connects me to the 4G and it works fine, the problem is im only allowed to use 10 gb per month and it works fine so far, very odd though because I have been over 10 gb pretty much every month but not been capped yet by the providers?


Anyway I need to upgrade to 100 GB (unlimited it says on their website) and surely it must be impossible to waste 100 GB of data as a single person using the net? Max I used per month now is about 12 GB and I watch movies every now and then and youtube/spotify daily.


Reason I want to upgrade is because I want to start streaming our games as I will only have my sports channels for another 6 months.


Roughly how much data does a stream of a 90 min match eat? its not HD quality as my laptop is too sh*t to handle that but roughly 360p quality.


Surely 100GB must be enough for PS4, browing, spotify, movies/series and that as much as I want to? 

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I think a typical 500kbps stream will eat a little under 500MB of your incoming allowance over the course of a match. That's just the download though, so if the stream is P2P (like sopcast, acestream etc, I've no idea about those flash streams) then the total data used could be double that (don't hold me to that!).


I doubt spotify, PS4 and browsing will make that much of an impact on your allowance, movies and series will be the main data users. Very roughly, a HD movie might be a few GB, while an SD movie maybe half a GB.


When I was on metered internet access I think I was using about 30GB per month on average and I was quite a heavy user. I don't download or stream much HD stuff, but I do download a lot of SD movies and TV series.

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Just curious, im currently on 10gb data a month but I just checked and seen that I wasted about 75GB of data since November, techically I should have had my internet "cut off" to a speed where I can only pay bills and browse internet etc but its still giving me max speed.


Have they forgotten to cut me off or something? im waaaaaaaaaaaaay over the data im allowed here.


40GB of data is what I should have been allowed to use and im now on 75GB.. very odd.


No extra payment on bills either, not complaining just finding it very very odd

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