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Goal Line Technology

Chelsea Megastore
Chelsea Megastore

Chelsea Megastore

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It would be very much appreciated if you could take the time to help me with my 
dissertation research.

The following survey investigates football fans perspectives on the introduction 
of Goal Line Technology in football. 

This is a contemporary issue and it would be of great use to understand your 
opinions on the matter.

The survey will last no longer than ten minutes. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. 




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It's a needlessly long survey. I'm on section 3 and questions are repeating themselves. The last question/line in section 2 is "I am satisfied that Goal Line Technology is in football." You have options ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Then the very next one is "I am dissatisfied by the introduction of Goal Line Technology in football." It's the same thing with the same answer options, just worded differently.


There are several other ones like that so far, like several questions about how it affects the atmosphere in the stadium. Worded differently but asking the same thing.


But I shall persevere and finish.

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Did it cause I'm bored, you've got to do better with the questions son, by section 4 it was asking me the same questions for the third time and I kid you not I almost fell asleep.

Asking me again and again made me think more and my answers differed and by the last time I didn't care to give it any more thought and just felt like ticking random answers.


Anyway on GLT: I think most Chelsea fans would probably favour it because of Liverpool's ghost goal and Lamps' disallowed goal at the World Cup. We never really benefit from contentious decisions and always have the quality to win fairly.

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I'm in favour of it.

Next question for me is how far should we go?

American Football (NFL) has video reviews of most important plays.

So should we do something similar?

For starts, every penalty decision be reviewed?

My only issue is that NFL decisions take 4 to 5 minutes, but that ties in with the nature of the game, and TV ads.

But a review of penalty decisions could be done in a minute. I think it would be good.

Maybe red cards too?

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