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I've been out of work for some time due to illness, but I'm on the lookout for a job now and I'm looking at trying something different to what I've done previously.

Anybody got any idea what kind of qualifications I'd need to get a job in the IT Support & Maintenance industry? I think I'd enjoy building and repairing computers, but I want to be sure that I take a training course that will be worthwhile to me.

One course that was recommended to me gives you a City & Guilds Level 3 NVQ, which sounds very nice but apparently wouldn't get you a job cleaning the bogs at PC World. The length of the course is important too, I'd like to be able to complete the training before I retire icon_wink.gificon_lol.gif

Any advice would be most welcome EuReKa.gif

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First off good luck with getting back to work mate - I know it has been a while!

Secondly is there any assistance you can get from our friends in the DWP? Worth asking the quesion as there may be some funding you can get (some kind of a 'back to work scheme') to help with any training that you might be able to identify.

Probably a non starter but can't do any harm to ask the question.

Don't know any specifics about courses however I do know that the nearest college to me is always advertising various IT related courses (from web builing through to stuff like suport and maintenance) - maybe worth seeing what your local college has to offer.

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Thanks for that Loz.

I've already enquired about training, and have been told that there is funding available for some courses. Trouble is, the qualifications that come with these courses don't appear to be sufficient to get a job in the IT field. As I mentioned, the qualification you get is a C & G Level 3 NVQ, which isn't widely recognised when it comes to finding a job.

I'm quite prepared to pay for training, I'm not expecting something for nothing - I just want to make sure that there's going to be a job at the end of it - or at least, a good possibility of a job! icon_wink.gif

Your idea about contacting the local college is a good one though, I'll get on the blower right away! icon_cool.gif

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Bluebeard, Your bestest bet is 'Computeach', its a little pricey, but some of the courses last 8 months ish (depending on what you take), its microsoft certified, and 95% of it is distance learning, with a few days college type work and exams.

They sort a job at the end in the majority (again think it depends on what course), and you can progress to the next levels if you wanted too.

Great way to get experience in short time, easier to get a job in that sector, but the prices are the downside.

A friends brother does what you want to do, and is self-employed and does well.

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When you enquired about funding for courses was it black and white that they would only fund you for the courses that they select or is there any scope for you to say - 'What if I do this more advanced and expensive course and I fund the difference'

SOme colleges also offer bursaries/funds so I am not sure if you would qualify for anything like that having been out of work for an extended period. Worth asking that question as well when you ask about what courses they run. I know the college up here always runs courses which are classifed as Microsoft Certified.

I have also heard that Computeach are fairly credible so Mod's idea may well be worth looking into.

I know you are perfectly happy to foot the bill yourself but always worth looking for a little assistance!!

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I know 'Computeach' have information for grants for the course.

At the time, you ring a number at Barclays or alike, they lend you all the funding, and freeze it all for a year or so. So basically, they wait for you to get your arse qualified, get in a job, before they want their money back.

I guess its perks for them too, because if you become self employed, they advise you of their business banking, etc.

This all was the case a few years back, so don't quote me if its now incorrect, but it must be around the same sort of thing.

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At the time, you ring a number at Barclays or alike, they lend you all the funding, and freeze it all for a year or so. So basically, they wait for you to get your arse qualified, get in a job, before they want their money back.

I think its called a Career Development Loan or CDL.

BB if i was you i would make a choice between Support or Maintenance, you are not going to find too many jobs that cover both and i would assume that if you did they would be with very small places.

I dont know any thing about PC maintenance but like you said im sure there are some courses you can try.

As far as support goes i would suggest your best bet if you are already pretty PC literate is to study for a basic MCP moving on to a MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) which is 2 exam passes.. Once you have this you would be able to get a desktop support postition pretty easily though it wouldnt be that well paid (though i cant say for sure!) . Then as time goes by and you gain experience (which IMO is the key) you could choose what area you would like to delve further into and aim for perhaps a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) or MCSA Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)

I would be wary of choosing a company such as Computeach or Apparenta that promies you to get qualified in 6 months or whatever thoguh and then promises you a job in 8 months. They are generally all rip offs. They will charge you the earth. My advice if you were to study for these exams is get a good study book , get copies of the software and get your head down. I have lots of disks and lots of books which i wuold be more than happy to lend you.There are lots of forums out there from people studying or looking to study and i would set aside a good day or two searching all these for help and advise and reading other peoples stories.

Beware, IT is full of tossers though! Some proper twats out there, the best thing i have found is there slaways seems to be lots of fit women in office jobs!

Erm moving back ontopic - Details of all the Micosoft Certifications are here.


Whatever you choose, best of luck!

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Lots of good advice there, thanks a lot people!

I've been trying to contact Hastings College, but I don't think they've mastered the art of phone-answering yet - maybe they're all up the Welcome Stranger pub admiring Jose's medal icon_lol.gif............I'll have another go tomorrow.

I'm seeing someone about training courses in the morning, so I might have a better idea of what I want to do after that. Or maybe not, knowing me icon_lol.gif

Thanks again for the advice, Loz, Mod & BJD - much appreciated.

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Anybody got any idea what kind of qualifications I'd need to get a job in the IT Support & Maintenance industry?

I thought all you need is fluency in techno-babble that ended in the line: "Sorry, can't do anything for you, it's out of date, go visit my relative who sells computers" look.gif

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