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Dominic Solanke


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Still looking good. Bagged a hat-trick in the Youth FA Cup last night in a 6-1 drubbing of Huddersfield.


I want to believe but...


Scot Sinclaire

Josh McCrren





The list goes on... 


These names give me no hope.


The usual argument of... what have they gone on to achieve. But I still beleive if given the chance in our team a couple would have gone on to great things 

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Thought I would bump this. He has this remarkable ability to always get at the end of crosses. How many times have we seen a cross whizzed across the box with no one at the end of it. I think Solanke does this better than anyone I have seen in a Chelsea shirt for years. IMO a better prospect than Bamford even. Hope he succeeds here.

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To be fair, I'd love to see that.


And imagine if we won, or he put in a decent shift, it would be among the most hilarious things ever seen on a football pitch, including David James' five-minute stint as a striker under Stuart Pearce.

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"Next year [solanke] has two ways to go. For me it would be a big mistake for him to go on loan to another team in England or in Europe."

"Staying at Chelsea, training with the first team, having pre-season with the first team, sometimes covering the main strikers, and playing every week again for the Under-21s and the Under-18s - he would probably never need to go out on loan. He can just go step by step here, and in a couple of years [he will be a] first team player."

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