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Money, Power & Corruption


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I watched last night's match between Lille and Manyoo through admitedly blue-tinted specs, hoping against hope that the Red Weevils would slip up to another humiliating defeat against the Frenchmen, but the resulting 'action' drove me to despair.

Firstly there was the whining of all and sundry about the "terrible" pitch affecting the chances of United to play their fast-flowing football - not once did anyone metion that it was the same for both teams. Nothing like getting your excuses in early, and so it was left to Sirralix to mark ITV's card regarding the possibility of a defeat.

The game itself was poor, neither team having the ability to master a pitch a damned sight better than the ploughed field we've had at Stamford Bridge for the past couple of months. The second half increased in tempo and opportunities once Lille decided to push more players forward.

Then the controversy - a Lille player broke down the right and crossed for the on-rushing centre-forward to bury beyond Van de Splatt, but as the ball was delivered the player was mysteriously absent. Where was he? Sat on his arse after Rio Ferdinand had grabbed his shirt and swung him round, dumping him on his back. The decision? Play on. The Lille players looked bemused, with arms wide beseeching the referees assistant, but no joy.

Five minutes later and Lille attack again, this time down the left. The cross was a perfect one, leaving Vidic the choice - leave it and hope the attacker cocked it up, or stick his head on it and almost certainly score an oggy. But wait, what's this? A gentle touch by the attacker between Vidic's shoulder blades - add a third option to Vidic's conundrum; take an extravagant dive and hope the ref gives a free-kick. Vidic opts for the third, and lucks out. A perfectly well executed goal is wiped out - cue more bemused looks from the French, this time tinged with some anger.

Five more minutes pass and this time Sahar takes a tumble on the edge of the Lille area with the ball a distant memory, already way beyond the by-line for a corner. The ref pulls it back and gives the kick to United, and before you can say "Uefa are Corrupt" the ball has been dispatched to the right-hand corner of the Lille net with the Keeper stood by the left-hand post organising his defence. Cue pandemonium! The Lille players are well and truly f**ked-off with the ref, and rightly so in my opinion. It's "within the rules" (as David Bleat reminded us) to take a free-kick without prior notice, but is it within the spirit of the game? Should a closely contested game be decided by a piece of "quick-thinking" or should two groups of men play fair?

Personally it sickened me to listen to all the platitudes from the boys on ITV and later Sky, citing the sharpness of mind etc of the boy Giggs, but to me it's the death of football as we know it if games are decided this way. All season long we've been told how wonderful Ronaldo is, and fair play he has been the dogs doo-dahs on occasion, but to praise this guy to the hilt when he obviously cheats is ridiculous. The penalties he won against Boro and Spuds were dives - plain and simple, yet the media would have us believe that the first was given for "intent" (God help us!) and the second for a foul (I must live in a different dimension if anyone fouled him at 3 point lane)!

And now this - gaining an advantage by falling over in the area to prevent a goal, and plopping the ball into an empty net because of some fly-by-night refs fancy! That's not football - that's bollocks! I'm sick and tired of the crap spewed out by so-called experts who try and tell us it's all OK, that putting the ball into an empty net when no-one is looking is fair play. What next? I suggest Ronaldo wear a shirt six sizes too big, flick the ball up his jumper and weave his way between the posts! That's "quick-thinking", isn't it?

The Champions League is a joke. Don't get me wrong, I want us to win it as much as the next Chelsea fan, but the corruption and downright money-grabbing cheating that it seems to engender makes me so bloody angry. The bending of the rules (Liverpool being invited back into the competition, for instance), and a general cow-towing to the big clubs, driven by the need to generate revenue through sponsors is starting to grate with me.

I cheered the Lille players as they kicked off after that 'goal' and promptly whacked the ball off the pitch and began to leave the playing area. Everyone has condemned it, but why the f**k play on if the ref is going to sh*t on you from a great height despite your best efforts to win the bloody FOOTBALL match? The cries afterwards from the red-nosed Hitler for Lille to be thrown out of the competition was laughable - what was disgraceful was the way United won the match, not how little old Lille reacted. Their biggest crime was that they actually thought they stood half a chance against United - the poor mis-guided fools!

It's about money and power and corruption and to be honest I'm slightly sick of it all - if only there were a viable alternative, one that gets me so worked up that I forget everything else for a couple of hours, I'd give it all up today.

But there isn't - doesn't stop me moaning about the state of the game. In 10 years time we'll have the sh*ttiest game if someone doesn't do something about it. Luckily we still have the glorious image of Frankie Lampard rounding the Bolton keeper firmly emblazoned in our minds - the moment of a lifetime for every Chelsea fan that keeps us from tipping over the edge when we witness the kind of bollocks trotted out in France yesterday. My abiding wish is not that we win this competition but that we win it playing fair football, not the kind of football that Arsene w**ker wants everyone to play or the kind United seem content to embelish with the odd forgivable (by the media) blemish, but fair an honest football. With the likes of Robben and Carvalho in our team I guess it's highly unlikely but we can all dream can't we?

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I mentioned this on another thread, Jack, and I'm with you all the way mate. I couldn't believe how incompetent/corrupt the ref was - he made Graham Poll look half-decent.

Too bad most refs today is like that. God I miss Collina. He may have looked a bit odd but he was a top notch ref.

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you took all the thoughts that I would have fumbled about for ages to put into words and you posted them word by word, yes even the Ronaldo shirt six sizes too big, honest icon_lol.gif be hard pushed getting a hat for him to match icon_wink.gif

seriously Fifa stinks

great post and rant,


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