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Anyone else like stealth games?

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Can't get enough of them personally. I enjoy games that offer freedom to tackle situations in a variety of ways and encourage stealthy approach.

Games like Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, the Hitman series, the Assassins Creed series, Dishonoured and the recently rebooted Thief. All great titles.

They're not to every bodies taste as some folks get bored with the sneaking about but I find it rewarding. Be curious to see if anyone else here likes them.

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Metal gear solid collection. Mgs2 is probably my favourite. Try playing on European extreme. Can't even be seen!


I've been obsessed with MGS lately, to the extent of getting the soundtracks and reading the MGS wiki site. It's probably my favourite game series ever, the story is completely ridiculous: the nonsensical but outrageous plot twists, the fantastic voice acting, the ridiculous technology, the cheesy/epic music and dialogue, even the humour is brilliant. (also being able to aim in first person is really quite liberating after playing the first one - although MGS1 is still probably my favourite game in the world).


Coincidentally, I just completed MGS2 again today, I absolutely love the AI Colonel's speech and Snake's subsequent speech at the end. Brilliant game, difficulty-wise, I never completed it on anything beyond hard though.


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Yes mgs2 is my fav, love the photos mission when you have to creep around the room full of soldiers! If you take photos of the soldiers bums and then upload them to otacon he blushes... Sad but funny. Mgs3 was brilliant too with the flag face paints haha! Mgs2 came out when I was about 14 so I found the bit at the end when the colonel goes mental really scary!

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I never got to play MGS until I was in my twenties. Great games. Though the current prequel to the next installment seems a complete rip off. 20 quid for something which has been played through quickly in 5 minutes start to finish. Twice as expensive as a DVD and a third of the length when played through properly though apparently. The next one is going to be intense though. Will buy that instead.

As for Hitman, I have completed all of them. I play on the harder difficulties and choose not to be seen. The latest one is amazing. Best of the bunch. Though I was fuming when I first got it. Was hit with that bug which corrupts your save file, so I lost hours of progress and had to restart from scratch.

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