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The John Terry Appreciation Thread


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Captain, Leader, Legend.


Doesn't have his own dedicated appreciation thread despite being the foundation upon which our superb defensive record is built.


John's had a superb season, especially after looking to be on his way at last year when Benetiz appeared to overlooking him for the league. 


Surely he's going to get a new contract in the summer as there appears to be plenty of life left in the old dog left. 



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If that shot against Galatarasy went in that would have been a goal most strikers would be proud of.


It was almost as if he hit it too cleanly... I did laugh to myself though when the commentator suggested that he had taken the chance on his weaker foot.


JT is one of the most two footed players I've seen play for Chelsea, he plays on the left side of defense for good reason and always confidently plays passes, long or short, on his left.


That technical ability doesn't get enough praise for me. 

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We will not see another CB like him for us again in our lifetime IMO.

A true leader, a guy who goes in head first and worries about the results after the ball is cleared.

I love JT, I can't imagine us without him now (I was like that with Wise too), hope he stays for another season at least because he is sheer class.

He's won it all with Chelsea and will forever be an inspirational figure in this clubs history.

Captain, Leader, Legend.....and WINNER.

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Amazing that he's scored 57 goals for us, =31st highest scorer in the history of the club, phenomenal.


Which is particularly impressive for a defender who doesn't take penalties. Five more league goals and JT will be the highest scoring defender in PL history. He's currently behind David Unsworth (most of Unsworth's were penalties).


It makes me laugh when he gets pigeon-holed as an old-fashioned hard man centre half when he's also a very good footballer technically. A good tip-off is that you can't tell if he's right or left footed. He's equally accomplished with either and has an excellent range of passing.


He's a lesson for young players too. When he came through he had the World Cup-winning pair Leboeuf and Desailly in front of him, but he took the opportunity to learn from them and by the age of 22 he'd broken up that partnership

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