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The John Terry Appreciation Thread

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 I echo all the above sentiments 100%, but for years i used to bang on about what a brilliant footballer he was, not the warrior defender, but as the kids say his "Tekkers, i remember reading Lamps saying when he joined us, i need to become as good and develop a touch like JT, i personally just love the guy to bits for just being the JT every fan really deep down knows he is....

Love this picture, "i may not be deemed worthy to play, but you're in my heart Chelsea"


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I know he's going but it just doesn't seem real. Seeing him in another teams kit will be gut wrenching and will then hit home. Top bloke (according to a few people I know that have met him, including an arsenal fan!) And a true legend at the bridge. He will be back in a few years I have no doubts about that.

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Captain, Leader, Legend.

Say, No, More.

Where do I hope JT plays next? Wherever the hell he chooses to!! JT is Chelsea through and through so I fully trust he would never play for a rival.

Please afford THE MAN the respect he deserves to make whatever step he chooses to. He is a husband and a father. The wishes of his wife and kids should and will be high if not top of his priorities.

If he chooses to go for a new adventure be it abroad within Europe, China or America then all well and good.

If he chooses to continue to test himself in the Premier League then I will enjoy to watch the greatest defender the league has ever seen in the closing chapters of his career.

If he lines up against Chelsea in a West Brom or Brighton shirt, I will take pride in him giving his absolute all to win 3 points for the club he is representing and I would expect nothing less of THE MAN.

Would it make him any less Chels? Would it fcuk!!!

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A sad but inevitable conclusion. 

Why announce this now? Very odd. We all knew it was coming, why not let him out for the last home game against Sunderland, that could / should be his send off perhaps.

I have been mentally prepared for this for a while now, us doing well all season without him has made it a bit easier. 

I first saw him play in 1998 in Omagh town (charity match with zola, poyet, flo etc!) when he had only 5 appearances in the league and was listed as a right back! What a run we have had with him. 





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From the man himself:

JT Says Thanks


Following Monday's announcement that John Terry will leave Chelsea Football Club at the end of the season, our captain has written a personal message of heartfelt thanks.

His letter can be read below:

It’s with overwhelming emotion that earlier this week the club and I announced this will be my last season as a Chelsea player.

This has been the toughest decision of my life for me and my family, but I always envisaged leaving on the right terms, in the right way and at the right time - and that is now.

I feel I still have regular football in me but understand that opportunities here at Chelsea will be limited, it is therefore time for a new challenge.

My earliest ambition as a boy was to become a professional footballer and I’m eternally grateful to Chelsea FC, my mum, dad and brother for giving me the opportunity and their total support to fulfill that dream.

From joining as a schoolboy at 14, to signing my first professional contract at 17 and then making my first-team debut in the same year, to then being part of the transformation and evolution of this great football club, has inspired me to keep striving to be the very best I can be.

With the backing and support of Mr Abramovich, we as players have been given the opportunity to fulfill all our professional desires, as this club moved into a new era where it matched our ambitions and became one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world. For this I’d like to thank Mr Abramovich personally, and the board who have worked tirelessly to ensure the club continues to develop both on and off the field.

For 22 years this club has been my life, it has given me the platform to compete against the best, break record after record, win trophy after trophy, and as we won more it only increased my desire to work harder and demand more from myself and the team. With this obsession I’ve been able to become Chelsea’s most successful captain and I’m immensely proud to be mentioned in the same company as Ron Harris, Peter Bonetti, Frank Lampard, John Hollins and many other greats as one of the highest appearance-makers for the club.

Thank you to all my team-mates and managers over the years. To have gone shoulder to shoulder in many a battle with you has been an honour.

I would like to thank my beautiful family for the unconditional love and support they’ve shown me. To my wife Toni and kids Georgie and Summer, you have been my rocks throughout my career. I love you so much and thank you. You’ve celebrated with me when we’ve won and supported me when we've lost. You’ve given me the platform to continue to chase my dream over all these years at Stamford Bridge and pushed me to want to be the best throughout. We did it all together. Our family will always be Blue and proud.

I’ll never be able to put into words the love I have for you fans. The support you have always given me, both personally and to the team, is phenomenal. You’ve been instrumental in my success and have inspired me and the team to win so many trophies.

Wearing the armband and being your captain has been without doubt one of the proudest achievements of my life. I only hope I’ve been able to repay you with my commitment and loyalty throughout my career, and I look forward to returning to this great club in some capacity in the future.

I want to stress that the journey is not yet over. There is a long way to go and we are committed to ending this campaign on a high. I am fully focused on helping the team and manager in every way I can from now until the end of the season.

- JT


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It would be such a shame to see him playing for a middle of the road side like a West Brom/Stoke. It wouldn't anger me, but just wouldn't be right to see a born winner like JT plodding along playing his final hours out in a team like that.

However, a testament to the man and warrior he is, is the fact he feels he can carry on. Understandably he can't do that with us based on what we've seen him of him lately, and the strength of our defence, presumably with a signing plus Christensen to come back in the summer this would only harm his chances. And at that age if he feels he can still be a regular starter, he deserves that choice elsewhere.

Whatever happens, he is the biggest legend this football club has ever had and probably ever will have. 22 years of commitment, passion, determination & success, and what a wonderful end to the fairytale it would be to see him lift a League & FA Cup double this season.

"'Double, Double, Double, John Terry has won the double....'" - Thank You Captain, Leader, Legend!

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I think a new song for JT would be a great way to see him on his way. We've got a few games to get it right before he goes so why not start it at Wembley on Saturday?

To the tune of The Seekers "I'll never find another you!" Fans under 30 might need a bit of educating on how the song goes, but something like this might work.






And finish it off with chanting his name.

It might be a bit cheesy but a fitting tribute nonetheless? :biggrin: :biggrin:

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On 18/04/2017 at 13:00, EdinburghBlue said:

Has anyone read the article on the BBC by that prick Mcnulty? He references JT and the champions league final, putting his strip on and describes it as 'someone with his nose pressed up against the window looking in on the glory'


I mean, f**king come on, I can understand opposition fans being bitter but this is your f**king job mate. It's disgraceful people think that if you play a key role all the way through a competition and miss a final whether it be to suspension or injury that you're less deserving of winning it or getting a medal.


Sorry to put a negative in here but it makes my blood boil, next they'll be saying if you're on the bench in a cup final you've no right to celebrate, absolutely ludicrous.

You'd think a journalist would know that it was a UEFA directive that ALL squad members were to be in full strip that night, just like Ivan and Ramires were too - course he knows that, he's just another bitter troll.

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21 minutes ago, Blueblur said:

Anyone seen twitter today? Some not very flattering news regardin JTs mother circulating. 

I've not seen the footage myself but apparently it's damning. And vile. 

A quick google and it looks like bullsh*t....some prostitute by all accounts.

Some people are pretty f**king sick circulating stuff like that under false pretences.

I'd be sueing their arses off.

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