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I have read this story on a few different sources now, so there must be an element of truth to it somewhere. Seems Courtois may be staying at Atletico for another season, or until Cech is either out of form, out of favour or out of contract.

Apparently, Courtois may be tempted into signing a contract extension with the Blues in order to stay at Atletico until Cech leaves.

I can see how it makes sense to try and keep both and hire a back up in Darlow, but how will this benefit Darlow long term? I can't see him wanting to leave Forest, where he is the main man to play second fiddle to Cech until his replacement arrives and then play second fiddle to him. An interesting situation.

Darlow is a quality keeper, but I only see this as a temporary solution for all parties.

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Courtois can't go on loan to Madrid again, only allowed 2 seasons with the same team I think.

He can't stay more than 3 seasons on loan at the same club unless he signs a contract extension. 


If he signs a new deal with chelsea, he could stay another 3 years on loan in Madrid

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Would be a waste of his career to come here and be 3rd choice, would make more sense for us to look at another keeper in the twilight of their careers like the outgoing Hilario and Schwarzer.

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Yeah, it is 3 seasons unless a contract extension is signed. I think he will because he has said on more than one occasion (Courtois) that he can't see his future anywhere else besides Chelsea or Atletico.

I think joining Chelsea would be a bum move for Darlow. He is a great young talent and deservesto be number 1 at a club. He'll do well to stay at Forest. As much as I would like him to join Chelsea, it would be a waste for him because he will mostly sit on the bench. Schwarzer would be the best choice as a backup. Hilario hasn't made an impact at all in all the time he's been with us.

I want Courtois to be our main keeper after next season if this loan extension continues. Because I can't see Cech maintaining his form for another season after next year. Cracks are showing in his form already. There have been a few occasions where he's miskicked the ball or fumbled it unnecessarily almost resulting in goals.

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